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    Lightbulb 1st and 2012: College Football Thread

    Should I be pleased that Youngstown State beat a BCS school? Well, it was Pitt. And Ohio State looked strong, even if it was that other Miami university at home.

    Is your college one of those currently-ranked teams? Or will it be "next year" next year, and not this one? Nervous? Angry? Excited? Confused? Overconfident?
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    Since my son attends the University of Oklahoma, we have embraced the Sooners. Ranked #4 in the Big 12, we're hoping for great things this year! Go OU!
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    Now, is that the Big 12 conference with 10 teams, or the Big 10 conference with 12 teams? :nevernameyourconferencewithanumber:
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    YSU wins big (59-nil, and I read it was their 17th straight home opener win) over Valpo, OSU looked strong versus Central FL, but Pitt gets handled easily by Cincy on Thu. Chaffey has their season opener due to kick off in about 10 minutes; hopefully one Panther team will win this weekend!
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    Awesome start to the weekend! First, the MLB Pirates break their 7-game skid. Then in football, Pitt returns to the form they once had, with an (sorry, mtriv73) upset win over VA Tech. Ohio State almost lets their Cal game get away, but pulls out a high-scoring 35-28 comeback. Even 8th-ranked YSU is victorious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Now, is that the Big 12 conference with 10 teams, or the Big 10 conference with 12 teams? :nevernameyourconferencewithanumber:
    Is this a math story problem? I'm dizzy!
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    Two schools travel to the midwest on trains or planes in 2012, while other conferences with East or Pacific in their titles gain schools nowhere near those places. Some schools paid fines to speed up their leaving. There will be other adjustments travelling north, south, west, and east to come. How much time and money will it take before there's one 200-school conference, with 24 divisions, nationwide? Assume no college presidents' IQ integers are less than zero. Show all your work, or an NCAA violation will occur.

    p.s. Youngstown St. moves up to #8 in the FCS poll, but how does Ohio St. win and drop to #16, when other teams ranked higher than they, lost this weekend?
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    Winning weekend, with all three games involving FCS opponents: OSU barely pulls away from UAB, Pitt whomps SomeSchool, and YSU goes to 4-0.

    Some upsets and oh-so-close's around the country, too. Next week starts conference season for many.
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    Sooners fall down and go "Boomer!"

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