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    Do you think that the new trailer will be on British television on Sunday? There is a new Simpsons and Malcolm In The Middle on Sky One so maybe, as Sky is owned by Fox it might be on.

    Another thing, it is definatly on the internet on Sunday isn't it or is it Friday that it's on the web?
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    Can't say about Sky, don't have it but I suppose it's a logical guess. The internet debut is Sunday 10th I think. Same time as the TV one. GMTV will air a part of the trailer on Monday morning which is a bit poo. Why not the whole thing? Unfair really for those of us who can't get cable or satellite.

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    Do you think they might show the full thing on Newsround or Film 2002 tomorrow night, by the way thanks for telling me about GMTV, I would have otherwise had no idea, and would have slept right through it!
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    This is really important now, if anybody knows of any T.V shows on British TV that are showing anything to do with Episode II, post it under here, because I really want to get them onto tape, I only have Breathing taken from Newsround last November so far!
    By the way I did't see Clone War on GMTV yesterday and I was watching from 8:00, was it not on? No luck on Film 2002 or Newsround either. But the Movie chart show is on tonight, fingers crossed!
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    Apparently, the trailer was on GMTV at 07.40 and I missed it too. The annoying thing was that a friend who couldn't give a monkeys about EP2 saw it and reported it to be 'alright'. I downloaded it last night to satisfy my craving and it sounds feasable that it will appear on Sky One on Sunday.

    I also heard that it will be amongst the trailers before Ice Age which comes out this weekend.

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    I've just downloaded it and it blew me away, much more action than EP1. You get to see Anakin with 2 Lightsaber's go at it with Count Dracula oop's sorry Count Dooku (Christopher Lee deserve's a knighthood). So I guess Hanger Duel Anakin must come with 2 Lightsaber's.

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    It was on The Saturday Show this morning, but there was no warning so I couldn't tape it in time, one minute they where talking about one thing and then the next Dani Behr just said "here's something for the lads" and on it came, I was really
    P1$$ed off because there was no warning and I really want it on tape.
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