Josh, Arnie Carvalho and I had a lively discussion, after a day at Celebration VI, about how the smaller scale would actually be great if you were building a diorama on a two-foot shelf and needed to add perspective.

Seriously though, it surprises me on one hand because Hasbro is constantly giving us the "tooling costs" excuse in regards to increasing prices. So, why redesign the Jedi Starfighter, Republic Tank and the Slave I as well as any forthcoming vehicles if creating a new mould is so expensive? The nice lady at the Hasbro booth explained to me that they were trying to decrease the shelf footprint while at the same time being able to lower the price to under $20 (USD) for a ship. Great reasons, both of them. Still, wouldn't the initial costs be more due to the development of these new moulds? I guess I find it a little odd since it seems like reusing existing moulds would actually be cheaper.

At the end of the day, these ships were not designed with me or any other collectors in mind. These are "para los ninos". I do hope that they find success with these ships and that kids start buying them. If not, this could affect the collector scale vehicles in the future.

I'm glad that Hasbro will continue to release the "collector's scale" ships as exclusives. The new ships come packaged in boxes that have little graphics that specifically state these figures are for use with Movie Heroes and Clone Wars figures, which I found interesting. To be honest, I think you will really need to cram the Movie Heroes figures into the cockpits in order to get them inside. 'Cos... Movie Heroes are just retired Vintage or Movie-styled action figures that are larger than the Clone Wars ones.

I do hope that Hasbro has success with these in that they will be priced to sell better to kids. I think they are doing something good by giving kids the option to either get one vehicle or a mini-rig with two pack-in figures at the same price point.