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No, I didn't make the Starspeeder 1000.

Anyway, Disney doesn't have their own toy manufacturing, they use outside designers and vendors, and they don't use the same factory vendor every time. That's part of what separates the way Disney makes their theme park toys from how Hasbro makes their mainline stuff, Hasbro uses their own designers and stable of designers, and their existing stable of contracted factory vendors.
The Pirates of the Caribbean stuff got progressively better.

Meanwhile, the Starspeeder 1000 is very impressive. I don't own one yet, but I saw JediTricks.'

I see it having 2 uses in a mainstream movie / EU collection:

As a substitute (in use only) for the Twilight, with a crew of Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme (adventure), R2, and C-3PO from the Rise of the Malevolence story arc from season 1 - when the group escapes General Grievous' new toy. That middle episode reminded me of the OT where the crew would be Han, Luke, Leia, and the droids plus Chewie (who escaped the Death Star together). There was no surrogate for Chewie in that episode (Ahsoka wasn't there - she and Rex were on the command ship).

Or as the freighter in AOTC - 'cause you KNOW Hasbro will never make that ship (at least the Twilight would be more likely). But you could put onboard Anakin (peasant), Padme (peasant), R2-D2, and an assorted bunch of the lesser dangerous aliens like the Saurin, but maybe not a Weequay and definitely not an Amanin. Hopefully Hasbro will make the 6 armed waiter droid. With more apendages than General Grievous, and more lines than FX-7, why not? Star Wars has aliens and DROIDS to make it different from GI Joe where Stormshadow and Snakeyes substitute for Jedi. So for a new droid - the 6 armed waiter droid.

I still hope I can buy the Starspeeder 1000 eventually, but if I really wanted to make it a Star Tours tourist diorama, I'd fill it with Simpsons and South Park figures. Better to substitute it for the Twilight or AOTC freighter in my opinion.

AND FINALLY, the Twilight doesn't look like it will be made, unless maybe that's where fan petition support gravitates AFTER we get Hasbro to make Jabba's Sailbarge. But the Blockade Runner and Star Destroyer (Republic but likely Imperial) and a Sandcrawler or Imperial Landing Shuttle (that launches speederbikes) could come into the picture. The Sailbarge is only naturally the first choice. I think the Invisible Hand or medical frigate from ESB will be on the backburner behind the other choices I mentioned.

It's good to dream anyway. It creates something to hope for in the hobby.

Wonder if Episodes 7, 8, and 9 will see the K-Wing Bomber (awesome fighter!), the V-wing, the E-wing, TIE Defender, Cloaking TIE Defender, JadeFire, Recon-X-wings, maybe even Yuuzhan Vong coral skippers? If they do any of that, we must have the K-Wing Bomber! It's very Star Wars-z and makes the ARC-170 pale in comparison (B-wings, too).