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    Not quite sure what's up with SSC lately...emails abounded about Neyo & the Tusken showing up last week(they ddn't); then a notice they were deducting the final amount yesterday(plus S/H) for Cdmr. Neyo(they didn't).
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Yes, it seems that stuff is all over the place there right now....HT Luke delayed yet again (pick your "why" from all kinds of rumors on this one, most notably quality issues), STAP w/ BD showing up for folks(one picture so far...other than the base looking a little tacky, it looks good), Tusken supposedly charging and starting to ship on Friday-with no production pictures of it in sight (10/12), no news on Neyo delay....I got those email notices too and called SSC to shuffle things around a bit to avoid an overload...

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    Jon, the Tusken email I got on 9/25 was a pre-ship notice for this week's date, you can see that in my story which I'm about to update (as they've moved the date up another day, shipping starts tomorrow), is that not the case with yours? I didn't preorder Neyo so I don't have input on that.

    JB, I hadn't heard the STAP shipped, that's surprising. I totally forgot Sideshow used to put up production photos of products before shipping, I've gotten used to not checking anymore for that stuff.

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    The STAP is on of the things I shifted around, so I'll get some pictures in here, but it might be a while...

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    If they had gotten that STAP available for gift card, I would have probably bought it with my $75 SDCC card, it's one piece that I would have bought for sure had they not released its preorder AFTER the Battle Droid 2-pack arrived.

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    I called SSC cust. service re: why have I been charged twice as far back as 10/11 & still my Tusken & Cdmr. Neyo have not shipped. They stated they were "having issues with customs." There's your F.Y.I. in case anyone was wondering. The rep thought pretty certainly the Tusken would ship the pm we talked...that was 2 days ago.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."


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