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    Question The Paranormal, Cryptozoological, Extraterrestrial and Unexplained thread!

    [FONT=Century Gothic]I have a fascination with such things as I had some interesting stories related to me by reliable sources when I was younger. I've also had some weird personal experiences I'd love to share with people and... I'd love to hear from people who've shared similar experiences.

    The thing that sorta inspired me to start this thread today was this news story passed on to me by a colleague...

    Man's Broken Camera Captures Spooky Image

    Now, it really could just be a hoax, but what if it's not? I've had some experiences that I cannot explain and I would love to have someone give me the benefit of the doubt in those instances. I cannot explain what I saw; I can only describe what happened.[/FONT]
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    I like this thread already!
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    Art Bell is God!!!!

    I still miss HIS Coast to Coast AM show. George Noory was never going to be him, but I expected him to do a bit better than he's done. He agrees with everyone who comes on and never gives anyone a hard time with questioning or reasoning. Art, though he may have believed the assertions of his guests, would engage them for elaboration, leading typically to a much more precise and delving interview.

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    Okay... so here's something that happened to me in 1980.

    I reported this to a few years ago. I didn't know where else to report it, but someone said "why not just submit it to [this site]", so I did. I'm not saying it was a sasquatch, but I also know it wasn't something I could identify.

    August 1980

    BTW... the thing in the first post has been confirmed as a hoax. Thank goodness for that, too! That thing had me creeped out!!! Eep!
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    **Steven Sterlekar (1969-2001)**

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    Damn! Creepy

    I believe in Bigfoot. I haven't seen one but I've been in a dense forrest before and experienced dead silence much like you described (not even an insect) this was the Cascades in Washington State in an area that's teeming with wildlife. My girlfriend and I noticed right away the silence, looked at each other, got back in the car and sped away.
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    [FONT="Arial Narrow"]Cryptozoology is real science.[/FONT]
    May the force be with you.

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    I read recently about a werewolf sighting at a Panda Express.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    [FONT=Century Gothic]Man's Broken Camera Captures Spooky Image[/FONT]
    It's a baby Mothman!

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    I think this was posted a while back in another thread. I'm reminded of the Andromeda Strain.
    New life form discovered in sewer pipe?:
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    We were joking tonight it was a zombie and we had better start prepping for the invasion.

    I've had mega weird experiences, both with the paranormal and with whatever you want to call the "unexplainable". I'd say the most recent thing for me was I was walking towards a tree line on our property at night and there was a low growl and a smell of rotting flesh. I ran back and flipped the car lights on, but who knows. I don't think it was a coyote since they have all ran from me in the past when I've stumbled upon them.
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