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    Speaking of Penner. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this in the past but this always comes to mind every season he has been on. The guy's voice sounds just like Alan Alda. I almost wish he'd do a Groucho impersonation during the immunity challenge.
    That voice and his profile is what caught my attention, Malakite. Both are distinct and unique. He was thinner then, too.

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    I shall miss RC and her assets. ; )

    Her given name is Roberta.

    Penner should be glad he played the immunity idol, too. Now let's see how long before someone else finds it.

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    Jeff was just a little bitter there at the end. Just a little.

    I think Lisa better watch herself. She made a big play that didn't work. The target on her back just got a little bigger.

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    Abi's a vile, immature little girl. She has no shot of winning the money but it may be worthwhile to take her along to the finals 'cause she wouldn't get any votes!

    Artis being blindsided was nice. He wasn't a big contender for the money, either.

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    I hope Abi is drilled about being the most annoying player ever during the reunion show. She's a dead-man walking, and she knows it.

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    Abi spared her departure by just one week. She's not physically capable of winning immunity challenges week after week.

    Gonna miss the wisdom of Penner.

    The one contestant to watch out for is Denise. She's a contender! I could easily see her winning, and it wouldn't bother me if she did.

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    Carter made a good case for himself to stay. He's played a good game, is better liked than Abi. That said, he was a big threat and could've easily win it all.

    The sights are on Malcolm. Let's see if Lisa and the others pull the trigger next week.

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    Ding, dong, the clueless Witch is gone! Abi should've been gone weeks ago.

    A likeable final four, IMO. In general, I thought the overall cast was good this season.

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    Completely surprised that Denise won. Not saying she didn't deserve it (going to every tribal council, which is a first, I believe) but from how the jury lobbed questions and nasty looks at her, I thought, nope Michael or Lisa has it in the bag.

    I know he didn't like being blindsided, but getting rid of Malcolm was the right move. He would've won it all if he had made it to the final three.

    I was hoping Lisa could've played the entire game without her TV past being revealed but bitter Penner spoiled that.

    Overall, a good season. Told a friend that I'll have to Google next season's location just to see where it's at.

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    Ha! Sorry OC, haven't been on in a while...but I actually had Denise in a pool over at DVDTalk and ended up winning $45 amazon bucks!

    I had actually missed the draft and got stuck with her for the last pick. Crazy!!

    Skupin and Lisa never should have voted out Abi...Malcolm was right when he said that they handed Denise the million too.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!


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