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    McFarlane Toys Halo Micro Ops - the next Action Fleet?

    Has anyone seen the new Halo Micro Ops toys from McFarlane? I picked up the Falcon helicopter set the other day. They remind me of the old Action Fleet toys that I sorely miss.The detail on the toys is very good and hopefully they'll be successful enough to produce more.

    Anyone else seen these?

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    Yeah. My son has the Falcon and the Mongoose/Warthog set. Size-wise, the Falcon is very complementary to the AF Starship Troopers TAC Fighter (which is one of my all-time favorites). The Mongoose/Warthog is roughly the right scale for AF. The only issue we've had with these is the very same issue we've had with most other McFarlane toys: they're very nicely detailed, but fairly brittle and not meant for "play". They're meant for DISplay. My son is pretty careful with his toys (or at least as careful as a 9-yr-old can be), but he's already broken the nose gun off the Falcon and very nearly the gun on the Warthog.

    The only other "issue" I have is that the figures are "fixed" and have no articulation. Picky, I know, but Galoob was REALLY onto something when you could pose a 1" figure. Much better play value.


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    An old friend also Action Fleet collector showed me some pics of these. Really nice! I still miss Galoob and their awesome ships, vehicles, mini-figs and playsets.
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