While working driving the taxi cab during my 11 AM to 8 PM shift I took a break and dropped by the toy store (Barnens Hus = Childrens House in English) where I buy all my LEGO Star Wars sets to see that they finally had the Jedi Star Fighter on the shelf. Iím not sure and I donít have a clue when it was ďofficiallyĒ released here in Sweden as I havenít been to that toy store for a couple of weeks and then again the lady in charge for the LEGO department had her day off so I couldnít ask her about it. Anyway... I bought the set and it cost me something like $23.00 or 239.00 Swedish crooner and even if I havenít opened the box yet the set looks excellent and Iím excited about building it and displaying it as well. Iíll get back tomorrow with my views on the set as I really got to sleep after working all day and Iím way to tired to build it now so Iíll save that for tomorrow after my Sunday shift.

Kindest Regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.