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Thread: Active Members?

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    Active Members?

    Just curious if SirSteve or JT could say how many active members there are on the forums these days....seems to have trailed off over the last 5 years into a much smaller quiet community.
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    I am currently inactive as I type this reply.
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    I'm not on as much as I used to be because I really haven't found myself with much time to hop online when I get home. I used to jump on more frequently during the day while taking a break at work, but they started to monitor our internet activity a little more closely. So, I don't really have the occasion to post much. I try to from time to time.
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    What do you consider active? No doubt there is less going on, but a lack of movies coming out will do that imho.

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    I'm like the Star Wars brand in 1992... present, but not prolific.
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    I check in frequently and post occasionally. You must admit, people and their priorities have changed over the years: members have graduated from high school or college; started careers and families. Look at our "Joined dates". A good many of us have been here over a decade!
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    I have never joined nor posted on this website.
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