I haven't found them in the wild, but others in my area have apparently found them around my quasi-frequent visits to TRU, which really annoys me. Obviously, they aren't getting too many of them at one time or people are just buying them up in large numbers.

I just got my two units in the mail yesterday (at the time of this posting, you can order it here). I was able to order them at the start of the week using a gift card I got for my birthday. I have to say that, while they are nice, I found myself to be a bit underwhelmed by it. I don't really know what I was hoping for, but it's merely OK. The stand is what makes it for me. How simple is that? I think the new bike itself is fine and the scale is definitely better, but the Biker Scout figure doesn't really sit that well on the seat. I've finagled with it and got it as close as possible, but it's impossible to lean the figure forward and have his butt down. The cannon accessory is lame and falls apart pretty easily. I doubt that I will be doing anything with it, so it's going to go in the "the box". The Scout's gun doesn't really fit into the boot holster very well and you really need to jam it in there (in order for it to not fall out when you turn the bike upside down?).

I'd give the whole thing a B or an "almost" B-.