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Thread: TRU's BOGO sale

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    TRU's BOGO sale

    Starting yesterday, TRU has a buy one get one free sale on all SW figures that runs through November 3. Hopefully this will move some of the slower stock - the ones I visited today were low on TVC but still had MH pegwarmers aplenty. I picked up six more TVC Battle Droids (bringing my total to 22), six Naboo Royal Guards (bringing my total to 12, I think) and two Shock Troopers (for a total of 4 of this version). I also got a free Titanium 3-pack for spending over $35 at one of the locations, which is only available through Monday. The sale only applies to figures, but it's a good time to build your armies and clear the junk off of the pegs all at once.
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    Well, if I want the Neimoidian or another Naboo Guard, I'm in luck. I'd take a BD or Vos of the pegwarmers, but there's no new nothing nowhere.
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