There are only a small number of recognizable characters left to be produced in the modern line that don't already have figures, and only a few more that really need upgrades from previous versions. So what are they, what are those figures that you are still looking forward to seeing Hasbro do?

  • Vader ESB/ROTJ - the latest ANH Vader is pretty good, except for the helmet really being not accurate to Ep 4, but it also highlights how crummy the previous Vaders have been - often too much focus on wild softgoods that can't be tamed and light blasts right through them as if they're chiffon.
  • Luke Farmboy - yeah, I know we just got one, but it has proportion issues. It's close, but not quite there.
  • LEIA LEIA LEIA DAMNIT LEIA ANH! - um, yeah, so in my book we don't have one of these at all, there isn't a single representation that is worth a crap in the modern line.
  • Han ANH - just regular ol' Han Solo, and I don't think there's a single one that fits the bill in the modern line.
  • Lt. Pello Scrambas - yeah, the old guy from the beginning of ANH, he won't sell well.
  • Lando ESB - what an odd thing to not really have a good figure of, he's a main guy in the film and the best we have is kinda simplistic and short.
  • Stormtrooper - hear me out, we have good stormtroopers, but not only are they a little difficult to pose thanks to hard hands and limited hips, their helmets don't look right for some films thanks to sculpt and paint issues. I don't expect this to ever happen, nor a Sandtrooper that uses the movie-accurate design changes.
  • Snowtrooper commander - ok, sure I didn't notice this guy was different until a few years ago, and yes Hasbro did a figure, but it's not very modern quality.
  • Admiral Piett - in modern quality, not stereoid-abusing.
  • The Emperor (ROTJ) - one without poorly-sewn tight hoods or giant plastic caves as hoods or any weirdness, just get it right.

I can't think of anything from the prequels I'd buy at this point. They could try to do a better ROTS Anakin head or TPM Obi-Wan head but I doubt I'd buy them anymore, just too many times to the well.

So, what's on your list?