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Thread: ALF's comeback!

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    ALF's comeback!

    ALF has been on television alot lately, promoting 10-10-220 with another washed up TV personality named Terry Bradshaw

    What might ALF's management agency have planned for him next?

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    ALF? Why i simply adored that naughty scamp!!! I always wanted a stuffed ALF toy but never got one Maybe a resurrected ALF would spin one my way in a merchandising blitz of crapness to equal the sad return of ET.

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    Well this is strange, I just posted this thread a short while ago as a sarcastic response to seeing that advert again, and now I just found this bit in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. If the scan is too blurry, I'll happily type it out if anyone is interested.

    ALF fans, read on . . .

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    That's a scary prospect. maybe ALF could get the late show spot?

    ALF took drugs.......? I'm horribly disillusioned.............

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    Alf rules!
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    I remember talking with a friend about two or three years ago about how cool ALF had been, and how we both would love to see it again. And lo and behold, that very night we were flipping through channels and found an old ALF re-run.

    Let's just say ol' Gordon Schumway hasn't aged too well--he ranks somewhere between Family Ties and Webster as far as re-watchability goes. If a new ends up being better, I'll welcome it. If it's on par with the old show, well, I'll just hold on to the nostalgia.
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    Last year someone (Nick or TV Land?) was showing an ALF marathon, so I just threw a tape in the VCR and recorded 6 hours of it. I still have to plow through those 12 episodes, maybe ALF's resurrected career will prompt me to do that now

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    NBC's(or is it CBS???) new Celebrity Boxing Match: Alf vs. Gary Coleman!!!! Who would win the fight of the Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars?!?!?!?! Tune in tonight.

    Just kidding! Would be a good match though!!
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    ALF is awesome. Give him a new show. It would be cool.
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    I remember a few years ago (actually closer to 6 years now), there was an NBC special that was supposed to be the end-cap for the series. Doing a quick google search, I came up with the name of the special "Project: ALF".

    At the end of the series, ALF was captured by the military, and then the show ended. Well, the special showed us that ALF has been in captivity in a military base under scientific study, but everybody liked him and he was given freedoms to run about the base. Though one of the military guys wanted him killed so he was snuck off the base by a couple of sympathetic people.

    Well, the story ends that he is shown to the world on television and everybody loved him (I think).

    ALF mentions his "family" in the show, but never once says anything about the Schumways by name. Nor does he try to go back to them. I found that odd. Oh, and none of the old Schumway cast members showed up in it. It was strange to see ALF all by his self in it.


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