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    What are you realistically looking forward to getting at this point?

    Let's broaden the question while making it even more personal: why are you still collecting Hasbro Star Wars, what realistic hopes do you have for the next year or so of this line?

    This can be anything, basic figures, vehicles, beasts, whatever you really think there's a chance they're going to do --- so long as it matters to you and there's a reasonable chance they might do it (so like, the Tonnikas are not really going to make this list unless you're self-delusional; no fantasy-land stuff like Death Stars and Super Star Destroyers).

    I am hoping for more vehicles, vehicles have been keeping me in the game for the last few years and then they petered out this year. I don't want anything to do with the new $20 vehicle line, that looks like a crapfest. But stuff like the Naboo Fighter keeps me interested, hoping that'll actually make it to retail in one way or another. A Y-wing that looks better maybe, that '78 mold needs to be fully retired. I'm not sure how I feel about the ESB Slave I at this point but I think I can drum up excitement.

    Can't think of any small vehicles at all, which is pretty bad since Hasbro keeps trying to force small vehicles into being a big thing - they just delivered the one I really wanted, the Speeder Bike. Oh, I'd want Luke and Leia Speeder Bike sets though.

    I'd like a new Force FX ROTJ Luke saber, and not the kiddiefied "ultimate FX" one - chances are poor but not outlandish.

    At this point, I'm take-it-or-leave-it on basic sized figures except for a few core looks like ANH Leia, Han and Luke which really are lagging behind (Luke got a figure but there are issues that hold it back a smidge), ESB/ROTJ Vader, a better Stormtrooper to match the quality of the new Clonetrooper, a better sandtrooper, the ROTJ Emperor, and I can't actually think of any second stringers or background guys that I'm holding a torch for, I'd buy Uncle Owen but I'm not dying to get one at this point because then he'll just be there and he won't be exciting because he's an old boring man action figure.

    I keep trying to find passion for Clone Wars again, I really liked that line, but the life has been sucked out of it.

    So hopefully Hasbro can figure out a way to attract buyers like me again before we slip through their fingers, because I can't actually put together another year of line on my own wants.
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    Realistically, I don't mean to sound like a downer, but I'm expecting maybe as many as eight figures, sets, or vehicles that actually excite me this year.

    A few Ewoks would be nice, but we sorta lucked out on those in 2012, so I won't hold my breath.

    I'd love something from the pre-Clone Wars/Legacy EU, aside from EH Mara Jade. I'm not expecting anything, though.

    I'd really love to see Cliegg Lars or Tey How.
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    Realistically? I'd like to see a larger, more accurate Tatooine Skiff without all the crappy play features. I think it was one of the Q&As here were they hinted that it was something they had the heart to do, but needed to find the proper window of opportunity.

    If they do that, then I don't think getting Vedain and Velken Tezeri would be outside the realm of possibility. Once Weequay is released next month, then those will be the last Skiff Guards to do on the Prisoner Skiff. I know that Velken Tezeri is just a boring human, but he is also wearing an outfit that is nearly identical to Nizuc Bek's. So Hasbro could potentially get two figures out of that sculpt. After those guys, then Fozec and Taym Dren-garen. They've mentioned Fozec being on their short list before and Taym has a lot of support from fans.

    Next an update of the "Klaatu Barada Nikto" figures from the 1999 POTF2 3-pack. They could even release it as a battle-pack. After all that, then getting any other Skiff Guards would be a minor miracle.

    Hasbro's recent comments about a Sail Barge and asking collectors if they'd be willing to pay $200 for it seemed promising. I'm not sure how realistic that is, though.

    If Hasbro scrapped the current Darth Vader's TIE Fighter mold and rebuilt the entire vehicle from scratch, I'd be pretty excited about that. I would also like to see them go back to the drawing board on the TIE Fighter, get the wings right this time and remove the blow apart feature once and for all (I'm tired of the droopy wings)... oh wait, we're talking about realistic ideas here...

    The longer the line goes on, the more likely updates of the Stormtrooper and TIE Pilot become and I'll always be up for more accurate versions of those guys. In fact, I wish Hasbro devoted as much energy and resources to Stormtroopers as they do to Clonetroopers.

    Finally, perfect, non-gimmicky versions of C-3PO and R2-D2 and I'd be happy.
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    I often find that the items I enjoy most are the ones I didn't expect. Some of the highlights for the year were the Ewok sets and figures like ANH Darth Vader and Aayla Secura that, even though they'd been done before and weren't at the top of my list, absolutely knocked it out of the park (in my opinion). Maybe it's an expectations-vs.-reality kind of thing, I dunno. There have been a lot of items from my big wish lists that have been done in the past five years or so, such as Jabba, a good Grievous, and Jedi Luke. I like when they pick a subject and really tackle it, like Rebel pilots or skiff guards, so it would be nice to see the remaining characters from there.

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    I keep trying to find passion for Clone Wars again, I really liked that line, but the life has been sucked out of it.
    I agree. It's not nearly as exciting now that it's just annual updates to Anakin and Obi-Wan and simultaneously too many and not enough clones (too many compared to the secondary characters but not enough grunt clones or individualized clone armor to keep variety more interesting). I have to say that I'm a little frustrated by the realistic TCW figures that are coming down the pike - I'm fine with a few, like the core team, but after starting an entirely new and separate figure collection with different aesthetics in 2008 and buying well over 200 figures in that style, only to have them completely slow down on that line, start remaking pre-existing TCW figures in realistic style, and apparently start making new TCW characters in realistic style only (as is evidently the case for spider Maul, according to NYCC chatter), it's somewhat annoying, especially when the line seemed to be moving just fine when it wasn't overloaded with main characters and repacks (which is the same problem in the realistic lines as well). So maybe I'm starting to feel what the fans with continuity boners feel when something gets changed. TCW still consistently brings out interesting new designs that would make for cool figures
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    I find most of the figures I want now fall into the Expanded Universe category and I know I cannot expect too much from this. My top want still remains Jedi Master Corran Horn with his green cloak.

    I have also been realizing lately, that its about time I updated some of my core figures, from Mr. JabbaJohnL's post sounds like I might need to look out for the newer ANH Vader, but in particular I'd like a new Stormtrooper, one without any yellowing helmets like that last release.

    I don't think an anniversary release of the Knight of the Old Republic figures in a box set is too far fetched, and would love to see it as I missed most of those figures.

    One last thing I'd like to see for this line: No wave's of figures getting shunted to online only. Definitely missing out on some figures because of that debacle =/
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    Hasbro has a huge opportunity coming up with the 3D release of a new hope in a couple years. I'd love to see a BMF size Tantive IV, a droid factory set with parts to make various astromechs and other droids (with booster packs of parts coming out consistently,) a completely redone TIE advanced, a cantina playset with the bar and a few built in tables (could be done the way mattel is handling the castle grayskull right now; pre-order and without enough orders it gets scrapped.)

    As far as individual figures:
    A properly colored Tarkin
    a definitive ANH leia
    I know many people like the vintage C3PO we got a few years ago, but I don't so I'd like to see him redone.

    I don't care if I ever see another clone wars figure. Just when they started getting interesting I ceased being able to find anything. Since I've missed so much of what I had wanted, it's soured me on the whole line. The same thing happened for me with G.I. Joe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtriv73 View Post
    Hasbro has a huge opportunity coming up with the 3D release of a new hope in a couple years. I'd love to see a BMF size Tantive IV, a droid factory set with parts to make various astromechs and other droids (with booster packs of parts coming out consistently,) a completely redone TIE advanced, a cantina playset with the bar and a few built in tables (could be done the way mattel is handling the castle grayskull right now; pre-order and without enough orders it gets scrapped.)
    I really wonder how they'll treat the remaining 3D releases. AOTC and ROTS are coming out around this time next year, so it's much better gift-buying season than a month after Christmas (as was the case with TPM). If they look at the releases as a way to celebrate the individual films instead of hoping they'll bring in a bunch of new fans, and they really take a hard look at what went wrong this year (which I believe they have done), then they should go much more smoothly and product won't be rotting on the shelves for at least nine full months afterward. Even though TPM is generally one of people's least favorite SW films, and that definitely had something to do with it, I don't necessarily see Hasbro going as all-out for the next releases as they did for this one. So while I'm hoping for cool new pieces and important remaining figures - and, even among all the crud, we did get those two things for TPM 3D - I'm not thinking that there will be nearly as many focused items for each re-release.

    That said, I would have to think that Hasbro is looking pretty seriously at a Death Star playset for ANH and a Sail Barge for ROTJ. AOTC, ROTS, and ESB have all been pretty well covered in terms of big items as well as character selection, so I'm looking forward to what they'll be showing in February.

    Oh, and if they don't bring back the Vintage Collection for ANH and release a case full of the original 12 1978 characters to coincide with the re-release, they're nuts.
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    Realistically... Hmm... Is wanting the rest of the Vintage Collection reproduced with modern counterparts realistic? IIRC, they're somewhere around 30-40 out of 90-some that need to be done. Although even some of the ones they've done I would like to be done again, and done right, such as the Hoth Rebel Soldier. Changing the cardbacks like that still bugs me. The POTF figures not being on POTF cardbacks I've gotten over, though, I believe it was BigB who changed my mind on that one.

    Aside from that, any Skiff Guards or similar characters from Jabba's Palace that have yet to be done. These are about the only two criteria I'm looking for in new releases: modern vintage counterparts and Jabba's Palace. I was also counting Mos Eisley aliens, but the Cantina's kind of gone stale.

    Outside of figures... there are a few vehicles I would like to see done. Mostly echoing sentiments for Luke and Leia on Speederbikes, a new Skiff, and a new Darth Vader's TIE/TIE Advanced. Since we now have a good and decent OT speederbike, my new holy grail for a vehicle is a new and 'big' version of the Imperial Shuttle. Although I'm not sure how realistic that is.

    What I'd MOST like to see is also the most unrealistic, which is figures from Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, and maybe Jedi Outcast. But I've accepted that nothing else from the Dark Forces series is going to be released, unless they feel like finding another infuriating way to release a Dark Trooper.

    As for why I'm still collecting... I technically haven't been for the vast majority of this year since NOTHING has shown up past the TPM/Deleted Scenes ROTJ wave. Absolutely NOTHING. But, I hope to be able to continue collecting Vintage Collection and Jabba's Palace figures. I think the Vintage Collection is just such a neat set and it gives a unique, almost profound (to me), perspective to the evolution of Star Wars action figures. Jabba's Palace remains interesting to me because of the skiff guards and whatnot. ROTJ was my favorite of the three when I was kid mostly because of that, and the space battle, since the interesting armor and costumes of the skiff guards adds a more exciting aspect than something like the Cantina aliens have. Even though I've been able to appreciate ESB more and more over the years, ROTJ continues to be my favorite SW movie. So that's why I want to collect those. Any vehicle I want pretty much just falls under 'vehicles are cool.'
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