Let's broaden the question while making it even more personal: why are you still collecting Hasbro Star Wars, what realistic hopes do you have for the next year or so of this line?

This can be anything, basic figures, vehicles, beasts, whatever you really think there's a chance they're going to do --- so long as it matters to you and there's a reasonable chance they might do it (so like, the Tonnikas are not really going to make this list unless you're self-delusional; no fantasy-land stuff like Death Stars and Super Star Destroyers).

I am hoping for more vehicles, vehicles have been keeping me in the game for the last few years and then they petered out this year. I don't want anything to do with the new $20 vehicle line, that looks like a crapfest. But stuff like the Naboo Fighter keeps me interested, hoping that'll actually make it to retail in one way or another. A Y-wing that looks better maybe, that '78 mold needs to be fully retired. I'm not sure how I feel about the ESB Slave I at this point but I think I can drum up excitement.

Can't think of any small vehicles at all, which is pretty bad since Hasbro keeps trying to force small vehicles into being a big thing - they just delivered the one I really wanted, the Speeder Bike. Oh, I'd want Luke and Leia Speeder Bike sets though.

I'd like a new Force FX ROTJ Luke saber, and not the kiddiefied "ultimate FX" one - chances are poor but not outlandish.

At this point, I'm take-it-or-leave-it on basic sized figures except for a few core looks like ANH Leia, Han and Luke which really are lagging behind (Luke got a figure but there are issues that hold it back a smidge), ESB/ROTJ Vader, a better Stormtrooper to match the quality of the new Clonetrooper, a better sandtrooper, the ROTJ Emperor, and I can't actually think of any second stringers or background guys that I'm holding a torch for, I'd buy Uncle Owen but I'm not dying to get one at this point because then he'll just be there and he won't be exciting because he's an old boring man action figure.

I keep trying to find passion for Clone Wars again, I really liked that line, but the life has been sucked out of it.

So hopefully Hasbro can figure out a way to attract buyers like me again before we slip through their fingers, because I can't actually put together another year of line on my own wants.