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    Article: "Bring on the Barge" Fan Site Petition!

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Very cool. I signed! I'm #25, what do I get?

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    I signed it, but I'll be honest, after Derryl's comment, I think this is the wrong timing and a questionable use of the fan movement. Hasbro already knows the fans are passionate about this piece, yet the mainstream market is basically shoveling dirt onto the idea in an open grave - the MTT hasn't been a runaway success (around here it's been immobile on shelves), the Republic Attack Shuttle bombed despite being a fun toy, for some reason TRU still has a bunch of AT-ATs. So Hasbro already seems to know what we think and has already complained about being inundated by that message.

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    I have never even seen the MTT, much less anything since the Phantom Menace Line.

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    I signed it, but I didn't donate any money to the petition website. I'm assuming my signature will still count, right?

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    bigbarada, I didn't donate money to it either, and my signature shows up.

    JT, I know what you mean. When they focus on it, collectors have been able to get other items made before, but it was usually just basic figures and not something of this magnitude. I don't think most collectors realize the enormous investments required for this line, especially in huge, pricey items like the Class III ships. But the fact that they're looking for 10,000 signatures is perhaps showing that this petition is more designed to display how widespread the fan interest is, not just the fact that it exists - something like this could potentially maybe be more persuasive than random guys walking up to them at conventions. Then again, I also don't think that collectors realize that the Hasbro SW team is (largely) made up of fans that are truly as passionate about SW as we are and that they are probably already actively trying to get items like these made. Maybe the team will pass it on to Hasbro corporate - I don't know. At any rate, I don't think it will hurt or anything.

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    10,000 signatures?

    You reckon the production run on such a huge honking vehicle is anything close to that ballpark? Just seems like an insane requirement to get to possibly consider producing what they should recognize as probably the most-requested ship in the modern line's history.

    I didn't give two craps about the Clone Wars mega-vehicles. The Juggernaut came well after my interest in ROTS had shot straight to hell. The BMF, BAT-AT, and Slave-I while I recognized as bloody amazing, I couldn't justify re-buying (especially having bought two different Slave-I's). But I'd be first to buy a Sail Barge, even not getting hardly any figures anymore. Even if they inflated the price by including six different-colored Yarnas and twelve Neimoidian Warriors.

    But the petition? It seems like a slap in the face. "Just wanted to see if you noticed we really weren't paying attention." C'mon, they know. They're not asleep. Unless there's a guarantee to this, there's no point in my opinion.

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    That's my jacket!

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    I mentioned this elsewhere, but in case anyone is confused as to who's putting on this petition, it's the fan sites, not Hasbro. It's meant to show Hasbro the level of support for the vehicle, not just the fact that it exists at all.

    I believe I saw the 10,000 number put forward by Paul Harrison from JediTempleArchives, who writes in a very hyperbolic, overly emotional, sometimes confrontational, always whiny style. (Just a few hours after the petition went up, he was berating people on Facebook for not having signed it yet.) They'd like to hit that target by the time they present the results to Hasbro at NYTF in February, but I don't think it's necessarily a defined goal.

    Leaked documents showed that the USA runs for some current TRU exclusives were 30,000 - including the upcoming Endor AT-AT, which is the second paint scheme for the AT-AT and the third packaging style overall (after the normal one and the TRU exclusive Vintage box). The only time Hasbro has officially released a production number was for the 2005 Target exclusive lava reflection Darth Vader figure, which the packaging said had a run of 50,000. That was an exclusive, but it was one a lot of people probably didn't want, even though there was probably a much higher number of collectors and casual buyers at the time than there are now for a number of factors. Obviously the tooling and development costs are wildly different for a giant, brand-new vehicle than they are for a repainted figure (or any figure), so I really don't know how many Hasbro would want to sell to turn a profit on it.

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    I know I'm in the minority here . . . and I'm almost afrade to say it. But this vehicle just isn't a priority to me for a few reasons. 1. is cost. To do it justice it would have to be BIG. at least the size of the at-at and then some without legs, and I have a feeling most people would be angered by that. Given what people are demanding it will fall well outside the $120 price range, putting it outside of what I'd be willing to pay for it. And lastly, I love return of the Jedi and Jaba's palace. However . . . to me that whole first part of the film is mostly about Jabba's palace, which I find more iconic and interesting than the barge. I'd have to pass.

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    I'll be signing the petition. I want to thing 3 to 4 feet at least. So it fits Jabba of course, and all the figures that fit in the scene. I'll pay up to $300 but for this to be successful they need to have the price be lower than that.


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