I'm with Neuroleptic. I saw the MTT for the first time today. I got excited until I saw the back. Here are the action features: There's a flip down panel for battle droids to have coffee, a side ladder for battle droids to climb, a flip up missile turret that's EU, and a distributing droid rack which is the whole reason to make the MTT. All of this for 180 dollars. The "action features" is not worth the price. Now the BMF is back, and 100 dollars more expensive that the original. What exactly do you think a Sail Barge would cost? 500 dollars with no action features? For it to be worth buying, it could not have a scale where Jabbas head hits the the bottom of the deck. But that's the only way it would be affordable and cost effective for Hasbro to do. And thats not even including the weight of the "toy".

Secondly, you could submit Hasbro with a petition with a million signatures, and they wouldn't make it. Hasbro is a business and making the Sail Barge could potentially bankrupt them if it fails. Why would they risk it, especially with all the financial troubles around the world? They know that even if 100,000 people sign this petition, 100,000 people would not buy it if they had the opportunity.

It will take more than a petition with 100,000 signatures on it for Hasbro to even consider the idea. It would take a pre-production presale where full payments would need to be made before production even starts. The payments would have to be money orders only so no one could cancel there orders or demand a refund. The fans that are clamoring for this vehicle would be required to make an investment too, so Hasbro isn't the only one sticking their necks out. This petition is just that. fans demanding the Hasbro risk their very lively hood to appease a small minority of their consumer base, while fans get to sit back and "wait and see" if they will actually pay.