Howdy all. Been a while.

I was inspired to write this after browsing Ebay to see what small-scale Titaniums were doing well in the post-Titanium world. The Mon Calamari Cruiser seems to be a big one (some going for $100+) while others- though rare- are not as much (Dengar's Punishing One, for example).

I get a little bummed when I see the ships nowadays- though I am fairly certain I have them all, I wonder sometimes, which maybe means I am just getting old or Titaniums are so far gone to me I don't miss them as much as I thought.

I am still peeved the whole "19.99" versus "29.99" split pricing killed the new line, as Wal-Mart and TRU had them over-priced compared to so many more retailers, and yet those 2 stores were HUGE for exposure, etc.

...nice icon.

I also realized I miss the Battlestar Galactica license ships, and how cool would a few other licenses have been- Firefly ships (Serenity, Alliance Cruiser, the Medivac Helicopter-thing etc.)? Maybe some Prometheus ships (obscure but would have been cool in Titanium size)? Hec some mini die-casts of The Avengers vehicles or any other Marvel Property (other than the crappy Spiderman ones we got)?

There some potential here, but price-points, IMHO, killed the line.

Anyway, now that Titanium finally is dead and gone, anyone else have some thoughts?