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    Arrow Titaniums Post Mortem 2012

    Howdy all. Been a while.

    I was inspired to write this after browsing Ebay to see what small-scale Titaniums were doing well in the post-Titanium world. The Mon Calamari Cruiser seems to be a big one (some going for $100+) while others- though rare- are not as much (Dengar's Punishing One, for example).

    I get a little bummed when I see the ships nowadays- though I am fairly certain I have them all, I wonder sometimes, which maybe means I am just getting old or Titaniums are so far gone to me I don't miss them as much as I thought.

    I am still peeved the whole "19.99" versus "29.99" split pricing killed the new line, as Wal-Mart and TRU had them over-priced compared to so many more retailers, and yet those 2 stores were HUGE for exposure, etc.

    ...nice icon.

    I also realized I miss the Battlestar Galactica license ships, and how cool would a few other licenses have been- Firefly ships (Serenity, Alliance Cruiser, the Medivac Helicopter-thing etc.)? Maybe some Prometheus ships (obscure but would have been cool in Titanium size)? Hec some mini die-casts of The Avengers vehicles or any other Marvel Property (other than the crappy Spiderman ones we got)?

    There some potential here, but price-points, IMHO, killed the line.

    Anyway, now that Titanium finally is dead and gone, anyone else have some thoughts?

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    I'm still incredibly bummed that Stargate Titaniums were officially announced earlier in the line, but never saw the light of day. That would have been a fantastic franchise for Titaniums, but it wasn't meant to be. The Avengers would've definitely been awesome to see, most notably a Quinjet and an "Ultra" Helicarrier.

    I still need to go through all of my Titaniums... as we were moving I kept finding boxes and boxes of ones I had forgotten I managed to find. I think I still need a good half dozen ships, most notably the Nebulon-B and Outrider. Some of the X-wings that used the second sculpt, as well.

    I was hoping that Hasbro would manage something decent with the 3-packs, a good balance between necessary rereleases and a new one here and there, but... Yeah... I expected them to not make it past the initial releases. Weak choices in the packs and ridiculous inconsistent pricing killed interested for new buyers, and not doing anything new killed interest for those of us that already had the vehicles. Of course, if Hasbro were addressed on this I'm certain it would be just like whenever Action Fleet is discussed. "We gave fans a chance to bring the Titanium line back, but they didn't support it."

    Personally I would support new individual Titaniums at $9-10 a piece, but not 3 direct rereleases for $30. Mostly because there's not really that much left to do for the movies, and very few EU ships that I would really want. I think a dozen or so between the two. If done at similar or slightly better quality as they were in the prime of the line, I'd honestly feel a $10 Titanium was a better value than most of the figures they've put out since they've been $10. So many feel like numerous corners were cut.

    someday, I swear, I'm going to have a shelf to set up all my Titanium openers... if I can open them. If prices are getting high on some of them then it may be really difficult to justify it. @_@
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    I'm not huge collector and I'm not into the action figure thing, but the Titanium line was a perfect fit for me. I missed the first round of them when they were in Micro-Machine form so when the Titanium line came out, I was bitten by the bug hard. I made weekly runs to WM & Target just for the sole purpose of finding that next ship that I didn't have. It was a fun time, but I get mixed feeling about it now looking at all of the re-paints and wondering if it was really worth it to have so many versions of the same mold. However I still must have that bug in me, because when the 3-packs were showing up on shelves, some of that original excitement bubbled up again as I studied each box looking for that elusive ship that I just might not have.

    I agree that it was a poor move to try and bring the line back with the 3-pack thing. It probably wasn't feasable, but even if there was a way that they could have priced them at $14.99, I think it still would have been a hard sell to the "new to Titanium line" buyer.
    I believe I am only missing a few ships (mostly repaints) from the original run and even then I would have had a hard time buying one of those 3-packs at those prices just because one of the 3 ships in the pack was what I needed.

    I would have liked to see them re-introduce the line starting with the top 5 or so best selling ships including some of the classics like the X-Wing (newer mold of course), Falcon, Y-Wing, TIE, etc from the past runs, but also the more rare ones that many of us missed out on when the line was in it's final days. This way you can attempt to draw in new potential buyers and also satisfy some of the older die-hard collectors as well. If they could do this along with limiting the re-paints and price them around $8 each, I think it would have a chance and maybe it could be enough to justify tooling for some new ships as well.

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    Wow........didn't anticipate this!
    Maybe the Titanium line will have a good chance of being resurrected after all.

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    I can definitely see Hasbro dragging the old toolings out again, once the new films hit screens. I just hope we see some new stuff. Sigh, I would've loved a TIE Crawler from Titanium this Fall. I would've bought 2 old toolings to get one new one, I'm reluctant to say. I miss that line.

    I agree with many of the sentiments expressed earlier in this thread. A real shame that Hasbro blew it this time around.
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    Is it too much t hope that BSG: Blood and chrome will inspire at least a relaunch of their Titanium line? I love my big Battlestar Galactica and would kill for the chance to pick up at least 2 more.

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    Hasbro I doubt will chase any Titanium sales, the company is set up to do only large-volume sales, so specialty retailers are out. That's what has been choking Force FX lightsabers in the last 2 years. The question is whether another manufacturer would chase those sales, and the only one set up right now to do so - Mattel - just took a beating with the Star Trek 5" vehicles (it didn't help that they SUUUUUUCKED). The market also seems entirely uninterested in vehicles right now, which is frustrating because vehicles are the heart of so many great licenses out there - the people inside the ship may be boring ol' humans, but they're flying inside exciting marvels.
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    Strangely, Mattel will be going at it again with the Trek ships.

    On the brightside, they did seem to go a good job on the TOS 1701 that was only released in the CostCo multipack, although it was the easiest ship to do with their minimal paintjobs. I couldn't manage to get ahold of the pack, so it's nice that their first wave will have the TOS 1701. I imagine it may be the only wave though, as it's destined to crash and burn again since the price will most likely be higher.
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    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    It looks like Mattel has at least 3 new toolings in future waves, so I guess the previous releases must have done better than we all thought. I agree with LT, they didn't all suuuuuuck: I liked their Narada, the TOS Ent, and especially their excellent NX-01... seems they got better as they went along.

    Yes, it'd be much better if smaller companies than Has-blo or Ma-smell got the rights to produce ships for these franchises. If they don't have to produce and sell a gazillion units, a smaller company can be a lot more flexible with specialty stores and direct marketing. To wit, DeAgostini had a very successful run of 80 SW ships/mags and it looks like Eaglemoss wlll do the same with Trek starting in '13.
    Plus there's Wizkids:
    I just can't imagine a new SW film without someone producing small ships!

    Don't think we'll see much BSG stuff unless Singer's movie project goes ahead. Indeed, some Blood & Chrome Titaniums would totally rock, but Hasbro dumped the license. But I am pleasantly surprised that B&C is so good! The JJ lens flare makes me laugh... like shaky-cam wasn't enough.

    Yeah guys, it seems that the last couple of years have been pretty lean for small ship collectors, though the Japanese gashapon seem to be doing ok: F-Toys are about to release a SW "best-of" wave 6. I just grabbed the proto Spinner from the new Blade Runner set and some Bat-stuff so there always seems to be a small but steady trickle of new SF product. Weird that we didn't get any vehicles from Prometheus, though admittedly it wasn't kid (or audience) friendly.
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