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    Think the white / extra large guns in TFA is conscious effort for real gun safety

    I was looking at the stormtrooper (largely white plated) blasters from TFA and Finn's ridiculously large blaster rifle (larger than the old Rebel Fleet Trooper's I think).

    So if Hasbro and other companies made consumer replicas and toys of these weapons, they would not look like real guns (OT guns were made from modifications to weapons like the German WWI Mauser, etc) - but they would look highly screen accurate - but really fake to police officers if say, they spotted a child with "a gun." Only they could tell it's not a gun.

    I'm personally not liking the look of these new blasters with lots of white color to them (stormtrooper weapons) and the overly large guns that Finn and Poe use (not Poe's pilot sidearm though).

    I'm wondering if this was a conscious "Greedo-shoots-first" thing done to pacify Star Wars?

    Was Harrison Ford filmed using a super-soaker or Nerf blaster?
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    I heard that safety watchdog groups have asked Disney to rename SW:TFA as "Star Warnings: Timeouts For All," instead of having "wars" in the title.

    I do wonder if that was intentional, with the weapons colors. Sizes, I don't think so.
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