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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer is LIVE! Thoughts?

    So the teaser trailer is now live! What do you think?
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    Well, I watched it twice and I doubt I'll watch it again unless it plays in a theater where I'm watching a film. It wasn't what I expected, but then again I suppose it's smart to hold back what we want: Han, Luke, Leia, etc. The voice seemed like it was trying to be a bit Cumberbatchy - not necessarily a bad thing. The glorious Millennium Falcon and the Star Wars theme really salvaged the trailer, along with the TIE fighter sounds. We probably won't get a another trailer until the next Celebration in the Spring and then maybe another at SDCC. Ultimately, I'm not as excited as I was before the trailer. I'm my own worst enemy.

    I remember watching the trailer for Episode I countless times in anticipation of the film. I recorded it on VHS in November 1998 and my friends and I studied frame after frame. Then the film came out and sucked the childhood out of me. So maybe me not being super enthused for this trailer is just what I need in order to have the reverse feeling when I see the film next year.

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    Since it's the internet and no one's allowed to have a contrary opinion, I've been branded a hater already by most of my friends on Facebook, but that looked like a crappy fan film with a multimillion dollar budget. It starts out like a bad spoof, then there's the obviously toyetic round droid, and a perfectly square landspeeder. It was beyond hope. That stupid lightsaber totally killed it.

    I think a lot of people want this to not suck and are imagining it doesn't.
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    I thought the trailer was fun. Taste of Star Wars with nothing revealed. I liked that some of the environments looks more real than CGI.

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    This is my first reaction, I will ruminate on it some more, but at first blush this looks so much like the 2009 Star Trek movie it makes me want to puke. The soul of Star Wars isn't in crazy camera moves and flashy angles and heightened and effects getting in the way of storytelling - that stuff works great for Star Tours where you're actually in the vehicle and you're riding it for 3 minutes, but it doesn't work for actually telling story.

    Just like New Coke Trek, everything was change for change's sake rather than for sense. The silly lightsaber with the 3 fiery blades, not only did it look like an expensive parody effect, but the little side blades will just get cut off by another lightsaber anyway. The X-wing helmets with the cheek guards looked downright ridiculous and nonsensical.

    Like Chux, everything was just "Star Wars is a different universe, let's make it VERY DIFFERENT WHILE STILL KINDA THE SAME" and that just seems like arbitrary change because they have a budget and want to fool people into the theater by riffing off existing touchstones. "It's a tiny droid with an Astromech-type dome on a soccer ball, ha ha, ain't today more amazing than actual Star Wars?"
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    It actually increased my expectations!

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    I thought it was alright. It got me a little excited, but my expectations aren't sky high. I think the stormtroopers look better in the trailer than in some of the previous pics I've seen. Don't know what to think of the droid. I'll reserve judgement on the sword until I see more of the bad guy. It definitely looks like a JJ Abrams film, which is good or bad depending on your opinion of him.

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    There are some good points and bad points.

    The opening of the desert scene is terrible. It has to be just for the trailer. Why would they focus on the desert for so long without any action? To open with a man is stormtrooper outfit is intriguing but mainly because we have no idea who he is. The voice speaking is okay, but it seems they tried to mimic Palpatine to much instead of going their own way.

    Then we cut to the R2-BB Droid rolling across the sand. This appears to be Episode VII version of Jar Jar Binks. Almost a slap in the face to Star Wars fans to feature this anomaly this early in the trailer.

    Cut to the Stormtroopers, which is arguably the scene of the trailer. They look sharp in my opinion.

    Then cut to a Woman riding a Fudgesicle. Is this the type of vehicles the future holds? it's obviously a Cargo Speeder but still. The events of the OT must have severely hampered future designers imaginations.

    Next to the Xwing pilots and the xwings. The X-Wings look un-natural, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Might be a 30 year step of improvement. I don't have a problem with the outfits except I originally thought they were B-Wing pilots first.

    Way too much has been made of the Dark Jedi with the three bladed saber. I see it as no big deal. Everyone has their thing, from the double bladed saber of Maul to the fan saber of the Inquisitor. I'm sure the side blades will be proven to have a purpose and not to be useless or only there for fear based reasons.

    Then comes the last scene, the only scene familiar to Star Wars Fans: the Falcon. It's a dizzy scene, almost like the opening scene from ROTS, except in that scene, their was no land to make heads or tails. The Falcon scene looks too "clean". Too digital. Also, why are they still using TIE Fighters? Shouldn't they at least be TIE Interceptors at this stage?

    Finally, the title crawl. I do not like the title between "STAR" and "WARS". I don't care for the font of "The Force Awakens" either. That being said, had the font been more appealing to the eye, I might not have had a problem with the placement.

    I wouldn't be surprised if half the trailer didn't end up in the movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    a perfectly square landspeeder.
    I thought it was more like a rectangular speeder bike.

    I enjoyed the trailer, but would like to have seen more. I thought the first TPM trailer was awesome, and I still ended up liking that movie quite a bit. I'll have to wait and see how the new movie actually is before I make any judgements. I like the new Star Trek films, so any comparison to them is not a negative for me. I'm trying not to learn about too many spoilers, so I look forward to the next trailer with much anticipation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    It actually increased my expectations!
    Mine too. I went from a 1 to maybe a 2 or a 3 (on scale of 10, with 0 being "no interest in even seeing the movie once" and 10 being "I'm planning to quit my job and start camping out at the theater this week")
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