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    I read they re-cast Jack Huston as Han. But when they started filming, he killed the entire Empire in five minutes and they decided that would be too short a movie.
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    I could see Thomas Haden Church as Han Solo.

    In Broken Trail, there was another actor playing an ally he had scenes with that reminded me of Han and Luke fighting together again.

    How westerns play is a good indicator for how well Star Wars actors would do in the OT era since it's a space western.

    The PT era focused more on a medieval knight era with the eager upstart apprentices (as even Obi-Wan was reckless when he charged Darth Maul after Qui-Gon was slain).
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    I loved most of the EU stories, but I accept that to tread new ground in the movies, that they will have to mostly bulldoze what was done there. I am ok with that. Though I would be surprised if they didn't at least borrow from it.

    As far as recasting, I am ok with that too. Could they get away with using some of them, i think so. Or just cast the originals at their current age and work the story around that. Honestly, either way, I'm ok with it, as long as it is GOOD.

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    Vulture is reporting that Zack Snyder is developing a Star Wars film based on Seven Samurai, presumably outside the new trilogy as one of the many movies planned. I'm not big on Snyder's fast-mo/slow-mo shots and general over-stylization, and they did a sort of spin on Seven Samurai in The Clone Wars episode "Bounty Hunters," but if done well this could be pretty cool (if it turns out to be true at all).
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    It must involve Jaxxon.
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    Now he's denying it. Oh, Internet! You so crazy!
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    That one just felt so much like an internet rumor given life that I suspected it couldn't be true.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    The Next Big Rumor is that JJ Abrams is directing, despite saying he wasn't going to. TheWrap, where the rumor originates, is of dubious credibility and lists their source as "an individual with knowledge of the production." I've already seen about 87 billion lightsaber lens flare jokes, but let's hold off on any more until LFL confirms, shall we?
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    I can't wait to see the lens flares on the lightsabers!

    Oh, I totally missed the last sentence of your post.

    (Can I make jokes about lens flares on Stormtrooper crotches?)
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    Kidding aside, if this is just rumor, a lot of sites are going to look stupid. I'm seeing "CONFIRMED!!" an awful lot on the interwebz right now. However, none of the stories indicate that the writers know what the word means.
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