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Darth Metalmute, We are sort of on the same page. But Leia was 23 in ROTJ And had Jaina 5 years after, during Heir to the Empire. In 2015the Carrie will bbe 60 years old, thus Jaina 32. Jacen died when the twins were 27. (Leia age 55)

Anakin Solo died 3 years before that. It can be done if the stories take place before New Jedi Order.

Mara Jade Skywalker would also be in the picture then.
I definitely would like the new movies to have Mara Jade. Personally, the Fate of the Jedi Series would be a perfect storyline for the new trilogy, even if they change most of it. One twin falls to the dark side. The emotional drain of having to destroy your twin.