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    I saw this and took the official part of the news article about the documenting the chronology to "canonize" select Expanded Universe to be interesting.

    While Bea Arthur's character won't be referred to, Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker stand a pretty good chance.
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    Jesse Plemons is the latest name in the casting rumor parade - if Luke ends up having a son, I think he'd be a great choice to play him.

    [BREAKING BAD SPOILERS]And he would take after his grandfather with his penchant for killing younglings, so that works, too. [/BREAKING BAD SPOILERS]

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    Gary Oldman in Episode VII?

    Unless this is total baloney, it looks like he's been asked. I believe this would officially make him King of the Geeky Roles, with him appearing in major roles in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Planet of the Apes, Dracula, and The Fifth Element.
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    Would his character be a very old man? I think he should be a bounty hunter with a heart of gold; right in between his heroic/villainous roles.
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