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JT, to your point... SPOILERS...
===That actually seems to be based on Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for the X-wing. In the art, each side has one circular engine that split into two when the wings separate, unlike the OT's two engines per side. The shorter body of the ship is also similar. This is already the second McQuarrie-inspired element we've seen after the Tatooine archway. Given that Rebels is using McQuarrie's short-winged TIE design, you'd think the split-engine X-wing would be more likely to show up there as a predecessor to the ANH design, so it's interesting that it seems to be used as a successor here.===
:::: I don't know about that, McQuarrie's X-wing has a long nose and short tail on its fuselage, this seems more balanced. The engines surely are taken from that, but the fuselage and canopy are more rounded on the McQuarrie design, I'd say it's splitting the difference between the 2. Also, it looks like the wings split differently from anything we've seen before, with the front half and back halves splitting instead of top and bottom. ::::

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Wouldn't it just be easier to create a separate E7 SPOILERS thread? I am usually one to keep a long thread going, but then you who like-a the spoilers can more conveniently post.

Just sayin'...
I guess, but what is there to talk about now that isn't a spoiler?