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    Star Wars
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    If the original cast does not return, I will not get very excited for this. I hope the Millenium Falcon is still kickin'.
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    I think this means Lucas will have 1/25th of Disney from that $2 billion in stock, I wonder if he'll push to have Kathleen Kennedy put on the Disney board of directors.

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    My friend texted me the news about two hours ago, and I was in complete shock upon first hearing it. I'm one who thinks the story works perfectly as it is, in six films - the rise, fall, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker - and with Lucas saying he would never make more, or allow others to make more, I was sure it would stay that way.

    But my mind is still reeling - there are SO many possibilities and angles to cover, and now I'm getting quite excited about many of them. The best thought about how this can turn out very, very well is to look at how Disney is handling Marvel and, particularly, The Avengers, which is my favorite film of the year. Does this possibly mean we could get Joss Whedon, or - especially since Kathleen Kennedy is so high up in Lucasfilm - Steven Spielberg to take a crack at one of these?! Will Disney be able to fund the live-action TV show? With the 3D re-releases leading up to Episode VII, will the new trilogy premiere in 3D? Most importantly, where will I put three more shelves?

    Hopefully the "two to three years" thing is just talking about the next trilogy. The first two trilogies took three years to make each film, and it sounds like they've been working on this in secrecy for a little while, so it's probably just that.

    If nothing else, the "my childhood is dead!!!" comments should be fun to sift through again.

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    Episode 7... Luke has his own padawan... could be interesting!

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    My childhood isn't dead.

    But Disney owns pretty much all of it now. Except Batman (Warner Bros) and Optimus Prime (Hasbro, with strong ties to Paramount).

    If I still read them, I'd worry about the comics. When Disney bought Marvel, they almost immediately wrested all rights back from Boom! Studios... then did nothing with properties that Boom! was having consistent success with (particularly the Muppets).
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    Luke played by Mark Hamill I hope. Will Disney trash my beloved EU? - probably but I hope not. With Jacen Solo as his Padawan, this could fly.

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    Yeah, the two to three year movie thing is just for this new trilogy, I don't think that they mean that for infinity. Let's just be glad we are getting more SW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Look at Lucas' face, he looks guilty as hell there.
    Nice cheesy "signing the papers" pose there guys!

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    Maybe they mean 2-3 years similar to Bond movies (yes I know its not that often), there have been what 23 in 45ish years?

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    This is the new status quo.
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