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    Thumbs up No! There is another...Fett Preview Figure!

    It's JUNGO baby !!!!
    Get your JUNGO now!!!

    Give me my Jungo!!!
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    Can that idiot not read. Its even there on the scan!!!!!!UUURRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

    I hate blatently stupid people
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    Jungo Fett?
    What kind of idiot goes on ebay and posts a Jango Fett as Jungo??
    Hey man, whoever you are, take your crap off ebay and go back to school!!
    Geez, I have seen it all now.
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    What's more foolish: mistaking him as Jungo or paying $23.49 (after shipping) with "Buy it Now" ?

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    Those auctions have been around before now, it's so ridiculous not only because the name is on the package, but look at how far apart the 'A' and 'U' are on the keyboard. Must've gotten into the scalper business before they passed typing in school.
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    Paying $23.49 with buy it now. I bought it now for $6.44 at Wal-Mart and with the price of $23.49,I got all 4. It pays to wait sometimes.
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    No kidding. How stupid is this person. It looks like they don't even know anything about SW or else they would have gotten the name right. Must be a stupid scalper trying to make their quick dollar. People who are buying these for those prices are . Why not wait another week?
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    I hate blatently stupid people
    Me too, but this Jungo case isn't as bad as some I've seen.
    I don't remember if this was all in one, but I remember seeing an auction for: Hand Solo in Corbomite Block.
    Like was said before, it's right on the package, how could someone not read that?

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    Jungo Fett huh. Oh my I've forgotten how to read!
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    Thats what Wal-Mart has

    I checked in the computer at Wal-Mart where I work and they actually put Jungo in as the preview figures arrived. No Clue why!?!
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