On JediNews.UK - the best SW site looking forward to the sequels, a rumor report just came out that Adam Driver will portray Han and Leia's SON.

Daisy Ridley is already confirmed as their daughter (Jaina - the name should stay).

Driver does not look like Harrison or Carrie....

The rumor report also says that he has turned to the Dark Side, but they must rescue him and return him to the Light.

He's the "sort-of bad guy."

Darth Caedus? The figure used to be on the Hasbro rumor list, but got pulled. Is he coming back?

If Chewie is still alive, NJO is all twisted around then in terms of what they might allow from the EU.

I don't see Adam Driver as Jacen Solo - based on appearance.

Jacen's name should be kept if Han and Leia do have a son in the movie.

Yes, I know they also had a younger son named Anakin Solo.

He turned out amazingly cool, but was killed in NJO since Lucas didn't personally want books out with 2 different Anakins during the prequels.

I do not think they recovered Anakin Solo's body however - but the Solo twins felt him die in The Force.

Adam Driver may be too old to play Daisey Ridley's twin brother though. Maybe not. They cast ladies young and can use make-up to make them look older until they are older.

It keeps the ladies looking great for film. (Miley Cyrus could be cast as Margaret Thatcher for a re-make of The Iron Lady with everyone in the British Parliament twerking - yeah).

Anyway, I guess I sort of bought Shia LeBouf as Indy's son. But Adam Driver looks less like Ford / Fisher than LeBouf would.

It's his nose on top of anything (Driver's) But the longer face isn't Ford or Fisher either.