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    You left off Teek, Ikrit, and Jaxxon. Episode VII will automatically fail without them. Preferably killing Callista by feeding her to Waru (who then has to go and dies on his way to his home planet).
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    I thought about Teek (but being in an Ewoks movie made him only semi-EU), and was torn about Jaxxon (I didn't want the server to explode with all the support for him). Ikrit; would've had to create a category of AVERAGE CHARACTERS for him.
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    Four words: pink bunny Jedi Master.
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    Didn't he die, anyway? You know that SW never brings back dead characters, just like in comic books.
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    Except Boba Fett.

    And Dengar.

    And K'Krukh.

    And Palpatine.

    Ah, jeez, just forget it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Metalmute View Post
    The Thrawn Series is the only thing I hope they don't discount. After that, I'm okay with it all. Not that i hated the EU, quite the opposite, just it will be hard for them to tell any story at all if the story takes place in between what EU has been written and what Eu is too be written.

    Jaina Solo was born in the Thrawn Series (HTTE). She's definitely being cast by everything I'm hearing.

    Han Solo's daughter...(and Leia's the obvious mom).

    Jacen should be dead to not rehash any books leaving us with no surprises. They either don't have to mention him or note that she's scarred from doing her duty as a Jedi and killing her own brother.


    Who I think we'll see in Episode 7

    - Jaina Solo - DEFINITELY

    - Tenel Ka * - possibly, especially since she's Allanah Solo's mother and Allanah's descendant Ania Solo has her own comic series
    - Borsk Fey'lya *
    - Cilghal *
    - Corran Horn * - would be a good inclusion
    - Jagged Fel * - PROBABLY
    - Ben Skywalker * - DEFINITELY

    - Lowbacca * - maybe
    - Iella Wessiri-Antilles *
    - Saba Sebatyne * - maybe
    - Darth Cadeus * - Possibly for a brief duel at the start when Jaina kills her brother
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Jaina Solo was born in the Thrawn Series (HTTE). She's definitely being cast by everything I'm hearing.
    What are you hearing? Everything is just a rumor at this point, actors are still being cast, and when anything is concrete, they'll announce it.
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    A bunch of sites have cited an article supposedly in the Los Angeles Guardian, who has no article whatsoever about Star Wars in their archives recently. There is a (frankly, poorly-written) article in the LAS VEGAS Guardian Express, an online publication made up entirely of user-contributed material, that seems to combine the original Variety article from September (where "origin" movies were brought up) and a casting call description for a character who's "Han Solo, but younger" (because they're going to make that particular role public and not just work from a short list, right?) with a lot of wishful thinking and says this is fact. That, so far as I can tell, is what the overly excitable Star Wars fan community is basing this on. (Not you, Tycho--I'm referring to the sites whose job it is to report things, and are too concerned with getting a scoop to do a minimal amount of fact-checking.)

    Hopefully my pointing this out here doesn't get my post deleted the way a certain FB page deleted my response to them reporting it as fact, but there's no reason yet to get excited or scream that Star Wars is RUINED FOREVER!!!!1!!!
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    As far as returning characters go, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford have all been spotted in London over the past week, where filming is set to commence shortly. Peter Serafinowicz, the voice of Darth Maul, "outed" Hamill today by posting a photo with him on Twitter. At this point, LFL/Disney refusing to confirm their return is just silly.
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