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    Article: Oh Noooooooooo!!!! Disney Ad Featuring Darth Vader

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Were it not for the lightsaber in Haunted Mansion, they could have filmed that yesterday day in the Disneyland park since they have those Vader and Stormtrooper costumes working daily on Jedi Training Academy, that's weird.

    That said, you make a good point, this better not be the future of SW, making it all cute and Disneyfied.

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    Jeez, did Mickey hit you guys over the head with one of his magic brooms and give you amnesia? They used this as an ad for the reopening of Star Tours in 2011. Originally, Vader goes to Star Tours but it's not open yet so he decides to go have fun elsewhere in the park. At the end of the spot, he goes back, uses the Force to remove the ropes and "Opening Soon" signs, and storms in to the tune of the Imperial March, and the title card reveals that the ride is open now. So the original video maintains Vader's strong side, playing the cutesy stuff against it.

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    Lucasfilm has been whoring out Darth Vader long before Disney took over, so I really have a hard time getting upset about something like this.

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    The future of the franchise will be nothing like this, as this is a Disney Parks advertisement and is meant to be funny. Seriously, the Internet as a whole really needs to calm down. Disney has handled the Marvel property very well, it's more popular now than it has ever been. In fact, when they bought Marvel, people said the same sort of things. Everything will be fine and the best part is more Star Wars movies, a Star Wars TV series (Lucas said he was looking for an outlet for it, since Disney owns ABC, I guess they have their outlet) and who knows, maybe one day we will get an entire Star Wars theme park.

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    It was always easy to ignore all of that Disney nonsense...after all, they've "partnered" with Lucasfilm for years with stuff at the theme parks...but there was always "everything else" about SW...the Diz stuff was just a fraction of it. Now, it's gonna be the whole thing. It's not something I'm looking forward to for the least there's the memories...

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    I know it's been re-used but it's still a "new" ad from Disney regarding the purchase...

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    Eh, I think it's funny. If Robot Chicken Star Wars isn't canon, there's room for Disney to have fun with the characters in stuff like this while doing more serious stuff with them.

    It's not like he was sent by Palpatine to kill the Energizer Bunny and his lightsaber died because he used cheap batteries, or anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    It's not like he was sent by Palpatine to kill the Energizer Bunny and his lightsaber died because he used cheap batteries, or anything.
    Lucasfilm also had Darth Vader answering telephones for Target and turned Colonel Sanders into a Jedi; but let's not forget that they also approved this:

    So I wouldn't worry too much about Disney stripping any sense of dignity away from the Star Wars characters, because Lucasfilm has been selling them out for so many years that I'm not sure they have any dignity left.
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