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Lucasfilm has been whoring out Darth Vader long before Disney took over, so I really have a hard time getting upset about something like this.
That's why my signature has said "Darth Vader is becoming the Ronald McDonald of Star Wars." for a while now.

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I know it's been re-used but it's still a "new" ad from Disney regarding the purchase...
YEAH! In yo face, John!

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Lucasfilm also had Darth Vader answering telephones for Target and turned Colonel Sanders into a Jedi; but let's not forget that they also approved this:

So I wouldn't worry too much about Disney stripping any sense of dignity away from the Star Wars characters, because Lucasfilm has been selling them out for so many years that I'm not sure they have any dignity left.
It's the cutesification I would mind. Then again, that video is pretty damned painful already.