I like the V-19s as I think they look cool.

But I was looking at my toy of this ship.

Why are the cannons so far out on the wings? It's good for long-range, heavy assault, but seems to be poorly positioned for dog-fighting.

There should at least be a central cannon on the middle wing or ship-to-ship weapons on the main fuselage that would be easier to target other fighters with.

In the Gennedy 'toon, these fighters also shot missiles. I suppose they are mounted on the main fuselage.

But if you look at the B-wing by comparison, it's go firepower everywhere it's needed except for maybe a tail gun, perhaps remotely operated by the pilot or a droid brain?

The B-wing and the V-19 were not from the same ship manufacturer and thus the same lineage progression for fighter ships. The B-Wing was actually from the X-wing ship family and the targeting has similarities.

But the V-19 is really a poorly conceived ship even if it does look cool.