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    Sideshow's Clone Commander NEYO

    The final Clone Commander featured in "Revenge of the Sith" 's infamous "Order 66" sequence has been released...Clone Commander Neyo.

    Briefly seen whizzing his way across the Salucemi landscape astride a Barc Speeder, he blasts Jedi Stass Ali from the sky fulfilling his ultimate Order....

    Like the other Sideshow Clone figure releases, Neyo looks great.

    Some shots of him scattered throughout my comments....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Starting with the's all familiar by now, flap-side box featuring character-specific images (in this case, Neyo during Order 66) unfolding into two trays, one containing the figure. a thinner one with the accessories. Capped, bagged and styro-capped...a format always appreciated be those of us who have a bit of distance involved in shipping.

    Now, the difference...this box features a matte-finish as opposed to the glossy card-stock we've seen for years on them. It looks nice, closer to what Hot Toys uses, but it doesn't prevent against the scratches and other blemishes that often appear on the boxes...if anything, they stand out even more on this finish. This may be what Sideshow will be using for boxes from now on and that's only personal objection is...I wish they had started it on a different figure...having all of the "Order 66" Commanders boxed the same would've been a nice touch to the end of what is really the first "series" of figures Sideshow has seen all the way through....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Enough of the box...let's get back to the figure...
    There isn't anything with this figure we haven't seen before, from the now-standard pro-body to the black fabric body stocking to the well-executed pieces of clone armor. As always, removing the feet and hands to adjust the body and the stocking/armor is recommended to assure a good variety of posing options. This one's body stocking was bunched up around a leg socket a bit, but was easily fixed during adjustment.

    Limbs on this body work fine, the feet and hands interchange with ease. The distinctive helmet looks good and fits well onto the neck. No extra fabric collar here...I guess it's just employed with the clones that feature additional "helmet-free" portraits. Neyo, like Bacara before him, does not feature this....but it's not an issue if the helmet is pushed down onto the neck peg all the long neck here.

    Neyo has the standard variety of gloved/armor-plated hands (grasping, fists, trigger, various pointing)and the "running" feet. He also has both of the standard rifles and includes two pistols as well. For additional display options, the pistols are a welcome addition, despite Neyo having nowhere to carry them other than in his holster(s).

    The deco on Neyo is exceptional...what could have been a rather plain-looking clone ends up featuring some of the most successfully applied "dings" and weathering seen on these clones. His circular red insignias are effectively applied on various parts of his armor and the right shoulder shield is a battle-battered green for good contrast. It's also visually interesting how from head-to-toe, a well-done dark wash subtlety shifts from dark (his feet) to light (his head), adding a cool dimension to his look....he's been kicking up some dust and muck out there on the Outer Rim and his gear reflects that! The shoulder strap is correctly positioned (unlike his buddy Bacara) and lays well across his chest.

    The exclusive version features the 91st Reconnaissance Corps circular emblem, whose design foreshadows the Empire's seal.

    This figure looks great....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now that all of the Clone Commanders have been successfully rendered in sixth-scale by Sdeshow...there aren't many clones left that I would like to see as figures. The forthcoming Airborne Trooper is certainly one, as are Galactic Marines and Kashyyyk Troopers. But other than that, I think Clones are pretty well represented in this scale by's been fun collecting them and adding Neyo to that line-up...

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    ...and the more I look at this Trooper...I'm really enjoying it.

    Another look...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Commander Neyo conferring with a Trooper from the 41st Elite....

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NEYO-41ST-ELITE-02.jpg 
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