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    Need a bit a dimension help for a display cabinet.

    When I started collecting the Titanium line, I told myself that I was going to wait until the line was finished before I started thinking about getting a display cabinet to put them in because I wanted to make sure it was going to be large enough to display them all, and that time has been long overdue.

    I’m looking into having a wall mounted cabinet made but I need to know how deep the shelf would need to be as well as the height needed in between shelves.

    All of my Titaniums are still in their original packaging so I’m asking if someone can tell me what the overall height and depth dimensions are of the largest Titanium when it is mounted on its display stand.

    This would be for the normal line of Titaniums, sometimes referred to as the 3” line.


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    Hi Asc,
    The widest Titaniums: ETA-2 JSF with H-ring: 9 cm wide, C-9979: 11 cm wide
    The tallest Titanium is the AT-RT: 10 cm tall (Virago is 10 cm tall extended on tall stand)
    The longest Titanium: Neb B is about 13 cm long

    I have my Titaniums ships displayed loose on shelves that have 4" of vertical space each with each shelf at a 5.5" depth. I'd probably build them an inch or two deeper if I were to do it again to fit the new longer Trek ships. I'd upload some pics but it doesn't seem to work anymore.
    My Titanium land vehicles and walkers are on shelves that have a 5" vertical spacing between them, 5" deep.
    Hope it helps!
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    Darth Duranium,

    Thank you for the measurements! This helps me out very much.

    I have been looking at some places that offer wall hanging cabinets designed for similar sized items such as Hot Wheels, and 1:43 scale die-cast cars thinking I could put them in one of these and position them at an angle to make up for the lake of depth, but based on these dimensions, it looks like I will definitely need something larger that I had anticipated.


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