Oh you should go to the USA vs Italy game! I would love to see that live. I go to Spring Training by myself and various friends meet me at times. Otherwise I meet my team's fans (Padres / Angels) who are there anyway and I know some of our players that I visit with.

I guess I just do what I want on my trip, regardless of what anyone else is doing. I'm like that - meaning no disrespect, but not sacraficing my own vacation time of course.

Hey I did do that Arizona Speedway thing - with the miniature indoor racecar course while I was there. That's a lot of fun for a group of friends. They're pretty strict about running a demolition derby in there though. I actually went with a pro-baseball player on my team and the staff was pretty hard on him since I guess they figured he could pay to replace their cars if we seriously damaged anything (we did not!) but it was a lot of fun. I have a video of us racing on my Facebook page and I did this total spin-out and slammed into him - now THAT was podracing!

I also went to the Challenger Space Musuem with Yoda. Yes - with Master Yoda for real. I have pictures of us on our simulated space shuttle mission. But Yoda just sat there like a stuffed animal and I had to do all the work of the pilot and co-pilot. Maybe he was trying to train me?

Anyway, I love the Padres' home stadium (Peroria Sports Complex) where I stay by, but Maryvale (the Brewers) and Surprise (the Rangers) were nice ballparks, as is Daiblo - where the Angels play - but there's hardly any shade at Diablo. Trying to remember the name of the Whitesox / Dodgers' facility. That was alright. It felt like a Double-A field - quaint is the word, I guess.