What is up with Hasbro and these Skywalker boys in the POTJ line with cruddy paintjobs?

First, Anakin has brown paint dropped on his head instead of his customary yellow and brown streaked job, and his pit droid is a nice minty green with rust, apparently in a "before-n-after" homage to the Statue of Liberty. Now, Hasbro has Luke X-wing wearing pudding on his hair and a smile that would frighten Donny Osmond!

Why does Hasbro persist in painting these figures like crap in the new line? They were just starting to get it right with Anakin, Luke was still a yellowhead in POTF2, but they were making progress. Now, with the rest of this new line having some big improvements in design and paint application, I smply cannot figure out why Hasbro drops the ball with these 2, the core of core figures! What's worse is that it's not that hard for Hasbro to turn a big mistake of a figure like Luke X-wing into a champion simply by getting those paints right! Look at what I did in 45 seconds in Photoshop (attached, image on right), if I can do THAT in less time than it takes to pay for a figure at TRU, then why can't Hasbro make a color that's believable and less paint on the teeth?