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    Mandalorian Assault Transport

    I had to go to 6 Atlanta area Toys R Us stores yesterday, but I was able to find one of the Toys R Us vechile two packs that contained a Mandalorian transport. I found it at the last store I went to and it was behind all the other two packs on the shelf. They are not easy to find, but they are out there. The two packs are in Toys R Us's Black Friday ad for $20.00, so they may have a lot more on the floor then.

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    Nice find! I went to two of them and did not have such luck...
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    I just got mine. I had to help a friend out who had to pick up his car from the mechanic's and it happened to be by TRU. I had originally driven the same buddy last week when he had the breakdown.

    So he gives me some gas money as "thanks," and I happen to be right by the Pacific Beach TRU, so I stop in on a whim.

    On a riser, there is one shipping box of class 2 vehicle 2-packs. It was already opened and looked into. (I could see if folded shut). So I figure if there was a Mando-transport in there, it was long gone. But an employee asks if they could help and I said, "Why not?," and he climbs the ladder. Inside is my Mando-Kin Fighter 2-pack. Awesome!

    Luckily I had money, (but now no gasoline).

    So I just opened her up.


    Pretty cool fighter ship! If 6 figures go in her, I guess with knee articulation they'd fit. The cockpit is opaque, so I save money by not actually crewing her. I can display the ship without figures on the inside.

    The wings flip up flush against the vehicle to expose double-barrel cannons that fire plastic missiles on both sides (under the wings, not on the vehicle's fuselage).

    On the bottom back, it looks like Hasbro was going to install a 2nd landing strut, but cut costs and probably easily decided against it since when the wings go verticle in landing position, they're down (on the trusters) and the carft doesn't need a rear landing strut (as a toy) - though it would be cool if it were real and not just sculpted (retracted) on the back's underside.

    Also on the back, it looks like Hasbro had toyed with the idea of making the rear hatch open to deploy troops (like an Osprey does in real life). I think this is how the Mandies board her for attack ops anyway. But the front opens (as a toy) instead, so you can seat your figures. I think openings both ways would have worked, though costed more. Add one or more REAR facing seats even and a tail gun like the Republic Gunship. But I don't think those were shown on this vehicle on the cartoon show, but they ought to have been. It's the Mandalorians after all.

    The ship's very sleek and clean-looking - really not very threatening looking though few Star Wars craft actually are "threatening looking," with some of the Separatist stuff actually qualifying (hailfire, tank droid, AAT, Octoparra, etc.)

    You know, Imperial gear isn't really threatening looking, save for maybe the Walkers, but the Clone Turbo Tank could qualify. Maybe the TIE Interceptor.

    Hope the New Republic K-wing Bomber makes it into Eps 7,,8,9 - that thing has some teeth!

    Anyway, really glad I got the Mando-trans. I paid $39. Reg. Class 2's are what? $24-27 anyway? Plus gas money I would have spent otherwise - and I got a free Anakin fighter.

    Regarding the latter, I think I have a display I can use the fighter as an incidental backdrop in - as part of the display when Anakin and Mace are trapped by Bossk, Aurra, and Boba Fett while gundarks stalk them and R2-D2 goes up to call Ahsoka and Plo Koon for help.

    The Mando-trans is actually going to be used for Corsucant air traffic lanes. One did come there bringing Dutchess Satine and they even showed it.

    If the ship hits retail as a single some day, for about $24, I'l consider getting a 2nd one to use with the Mandalorians that Obi-Wan fights that will go along with my Mando-speederbike. They need to make a CW figure for Dutchess Satine. I'd buy several - for this fight and for the CW Senate, with Tsutsi, Anoconda Farr, Bail Organa, a SENATOR Padme, and Palpatine, along with JarJar and C-3PO - for when Cad Bane and his assualt team raid the Senate. I need hostages!
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    I don't think they ever considered a rear landing leg, and I'm not sure on a rear opening hatch being intended. The landing leg would be unnecessary since this craft lands on the show the way the toy works (except for the rounded tab at the bottom of the engine to keep it from standing perfectly upright and stabbing a falling child - that was their actual argument when they first implemented the policy on vehicles like the TIE Interceptor), and the opening hatch wouldn't hold anything because of the crossbar that makes the wings rotate together (they're ratcheted externally, the axle itself is solid). I think the rear "foot" sculpting was merely meant to be a landing engine vent, while the rear panel being separate could have been a cap only because the ship is halved in a way that'd need a cap. That said, I did wonder why they didn't at least put a hatch for accessories back there, so it could have been intended for that.

    The Mando warriors never actually used this ship on the show, this was Satine's ship and it was probably only double the scale of the toy. The Mando warriors had a pointier ship that would bigger than the Falcon we have were it in scale.

    As for it looking not dangerous, I'd agree (although from above it looks like Grievous' head), but if you fold the wings up until they stop against the ship it looks like an armored fighter, the engines are now separate pods with cannons at the front - in slight fashion it even looks like a Battlestar Galactica Viper.

    The seating is very tight, I'd have liked it if the seats were removable to put figures in the seats behind them easier, but it works well enough I suppose. My only real complaint is that the steering yokes are too far forward for any figure to grasp.

    I currently have my TVC Clone Wars Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka in the ship. Obi-Wan's armor makes his shoulders a bit too wide to sit next to another figure without some crossover, so he's in the back.

    I put the stickers into the cockpit, and they don't really add much to the affair, they're VERY hard to get in place since most are next to a chair.
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    I agree with your review JT.

    I too like it looking like a fighter with the wings folded in (the Colonial Viper look you referred to). I think here is a case where Hasbro took a design and made it look much cooler while at the same time more toyetic.

    Most of the time it's the other way around and making something toyetic makes it look worse (Sith Infiltrator). On the Twin Pod Cloud Car, they hid the missiles well.

    See, if Hasbro does the Sailbarge, I'm all for them including tons of missile firing cannons around the perimeter THAT ARE REMOVEABLE FOR SCREEN ACCURACY but an allure for parents and kids that want to make Jabba's pirates fight.

    Remember the missile launching cannon that came with TOS Shuttle Galileo? Or that extra radar-dish cannon thing that's included with Pilot Padme from AOTC - or any of that junk that comes with CW figures? Make something that at least looks better than that, and let us old school ROTJ fans leave it back in the box, while the kids and moms with creditcards can say "oh - cool!"

    Meanwhile, I still think that as a knock-off Twilight, your Starspeeder 3000 with your Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Adventure Padme, R2 and C-3PO would make an awesome picture. A customizer willing to possibly irreversibly alter the Starspeeder might be able to make the Twilight out of it, with B-wing parts and a repaint of said-B-wing-parts.
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