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    New site design as we move into 2013!

    It's a little early but since I had the extra time, I figured I would go ahead and roll out the new design that is inspired from the 2013 Star Wars brand look. What do you think?
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    It's a cool contrast between the black star field, but it isn't too easy to read, especially the white font in the green bars (would black be possible?).
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    I wanted to give it a few days before commenting, but I still agree with BCJ. I'm not sure black lettering would be any easier on the eyes though. What about a darker shade of green?

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    It's YODARIFFIC!!!!!

    Not a fan of Yoda screaming and holding a lightsaber, but that was all Uncle George and totally out of your control.
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    This is the Yoda design from the Unleashed figure, not the (more subdued, closed-mouth) 2013 look. I agree that the green is a little bright, but I like the starfield.
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    Good point. I knew it was familiar, but couldn't place it. I can forgive the design, given the philosophy behind the Unleashed figures.
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    Bring back the cool, refreshing green type!
    The gold looks too much like the surrounding dry hills here in SoCal! With a temp of 106ºF (so far) today color selection on the site just adds to the misery! The green looks so much more inviting!
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