Out of all the figures put out since 1995, there are but four that still elude me, and I will not cave to scalper prices or the scalpers on E-Bay either. I have some extremely hard to find "Episode One" late-in-the-line figures I would like to trade 1-for-1 for the ones I'm missing, which are:

R2-B1; TC-14; POTF2 CommTech Admiral Motti; POTF2 CommTech Leia.

I have 1 each to trade of the oft-sought figures of:

Sio Bibble; Battle Amidala; Swimming Jar Jar; Pit-Droids 2 pack; POTF2 CommTech Stormtrooper; and a few POTF2 CommTech R2-D2 with Holo-Leia.

In addition, I have TONS of common POTF2 figures I would be willing to trade 2-for-1 or even possibly 3-for-1, depending on commonality and current trade value...

E-Mail me directly by going to my user profile for my e-mail address, and we'll talk! Thanks for reading...

-- JediMaster --

PS: Also selling duplicates of all my 12" collection. I have doubles of every one put out up to "Ponda Baba-Luke Stormtrooper with Dianoga tentacle-ObiWan with Remote" wave, and doubles of most of the exclusives. Contact me with your wishlists, as I've a wedding to save up for (recently engaged)!!! Thanks again.