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    Memorabilia Uk 2002

    Eh up

    Just been to Memorabilia 2002 and had such a good time I have added a page to my web site.

    Haven't added celebrity/BC3 photo's yet (digicam still knackered so have to wait 'til photos developed on Tues/Wed).

    Will update site midweek when I have scanned in pics.

    Also bagged an oddity - apparently micro machine figure push pins.



    Will re-post when page complete with pics (the current gaps are where the pics will go)

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    Talking tradin a set 11 for an af you say?

    lmk what afs you seek; that way maybe we can get b'jr his own repcruiser

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    Hey VT

    Still after (boxed only):

    Jabbas Sail Barge
    Rogue 2 Snowspeeder
    TIE DEF & E-Wing (not holding breath on these 2)
    Ep1 Mars Guos Pod
    Ep1 Royal Starship
    Ep1 Sith Inf

    & all Alphas (except X-wing & Snowspeeder).



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    Unhappy damm, dassa tuff bill to fill

    but re needed alphas, i assume you mean boxed, right? cuz i've been holding a loose alpha snowsp for you, and as mentioned in "good show" thred, i found you a loose alpha x last week

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    Great pics BC, love your anotation pointing out Uncle Owen Your babby looks adorable in all of them too. Nice dress sense too

    Doesn't DP look old now?

    Hey, btw I go those pins too a few years ago from a quid shop. I've had them in my corkboard for a few years not really knowing if they were cool or not The packaging was battered when I got them so I opened them. I thought they were just bootlegs. I can't tell you the amount of times I thought I'd broken R2 by trying to make his legs go to the correct angle. Boba F's purtty cool though.

    I wish I'd gone, I saw all those shelves in the background full of SW kits and stuff. Dayum.


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    Wink 'e got some loavely quid 'e did!

    more pix of leeta & less of bc3 i say (what happened to that psycho look yer eyes sport in the pic on your webpage? )
    np (below) just gave me an idear: after i meet w/ar2, b'jr's gonna have an o-o-p xtra of ep1 mm set 12 (ratts, rattspod, queen & queenship), so if one of you punks whot's still seekin the set 12 mms can give bc3 one (or more? ask bc3) of those afs he seeks, we'll forward the set12 mms to you, you send bc3 the needed af(s), & he'll send us the set 11 ok by you bc3? any takers?
    np: james horner, Brainstorm

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    No probs with me (so long as they're boxed).


    PS also wish I got more photos of lovely Leeta.

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    Hey Jeddah

    I know it's quite far from you (Blackpool), but I'm going to this is June......

    Looks good - love James Marsters in Buffy.


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    OH! Andrew Robinson and Stark from FS! Can't go (unless I get my Bob Lazar Sports Model working ) but would love to. Who knows....?



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