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Wait? We got figures this year?
Boy, no kidding. Up here where I'm at, we spent the year staring at sagging pegs full of the Episode One wave...and as the year went by, this was only interrupted briefly by a single case here and there of the subsequent waves for the year. The "deleted scenes" wave hung around a little bit, but anything after that was pretty much a no-show up here.

Never have seen Malgus or Starkiller on the pegs here. Only at the end of the year did our local TRU get anything other than more of the Episode One wave....that's when I finally lucked out and snagged a Nom Anor (why I don't know...the figure is kinda dumb looking...I think it was more an instance of "Wow! Something new! Grab it!!" than anything else), a Wedge (nice figure), the oft-mentioned Aayla Secura, Evazan and Kibatha (no red scarf one though).

Finally relented and got a few of that "online only" wave through Amazon (not the Royal Guard though...too pricey for me).

While I've liked the "Vintage Collection" offerings I did get...I'm also hard-pressed to pick one for 2012 that was just a hands-down stunner....

If I'm hard-pressed to pick a figure for a vintage "...of the year"...well, get ready to laugh folks but....it would have to be these two....the Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi with light-up sabers. I know they are not "vintage" figures, but...they're still on my desk, I still play with them and once I threw on a couple robes, well...I think they look pretty good!

As for the "Vintage" collection? I'm sorry to see it "end" (for now anyway) because I do like the retro-inspired cards and the figures have been pretty decent for the most part. But...the most surprising thing to me in the line as it stands now is...what's missing.

I'm gonna pull a "Tycho" here and end this meandering post with a list...the "MIA's" of the Vintage Collection....

Anakin Skywalker - yeah, we got the little Jedi Padawan version, but what about the "Tatooine" version? He spent most of the movie in that get-up and there was the chance to include some great accesories...most (if not all) that could have been recycled from previous versions....

Count Dooku - this one is a stunning omission to me. He's a major player in AOTC and there is no representation of him in the VC?

Padme Amidala - in the white "action" outfit, again..a missed chance to re-visit this version of the female lead and load it up with some good accessories....

Tarfful - another wookiee other than Chewie, and the figure could have benefited from an update...the ROTS one was pretty bad. Hasbro has done some really great upgrades with Chewie and it would've been cool to see that happen with Tarfful too...

Death Star Droid an upgrade would be cool

General Veers - a new "bells-n-whistles" version
Snowtrooper - same

Oola - an update on the par with "Slave Leia" would have been cool.

Anyway...I know I ended up way off topic here, but....well. I still don't have a "best of 2012" pick for the Vintage Collection....