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Converse-type shoe pillow
Is that a pillow for your Converse-type shoes, or a pillow that looks like a Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars-type shoe?
- more candy than I recall in past years
Oh dude, yesterday I brought my cousin and her family a 2lb box of Russell Stovers, it was the size of a large board game. 30 minutes later when her brother and his family arrive, he gives her a 2.5lb Whitmans Sampler giganto-box! We had 4 and a half pounds of chocolates on one table! And that's on top of the mountains of cookies my cousin made, and the 2 pies. Apparently 2012 is the year of christmas sweets.

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Batman Chuck Taylors
Back in '89, my dad's now-ex bought both the yellow and the black styles of the first Batman Chuck Taylors when the world was Keaton-Batman-crazy. What Bat-pattern are yours?

Oh, and text messaging. Sound the eighth trump, which I guess means it's a superapocalypse.
FINALLY! Welcome back to the 21st century.

Great hauls all around so far gang.

For Christmas, we got as many of our family together as we could muster out at my cousin's place waaaaay out in Hesperia, which is almost as far a drive for me as Comic-Con and I rarely have driven that far and back in a single day.

My hauls:
Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Artoo and Threepio
Jetwing Optimus Prime (procured at the $60 price, that was important to me that they didn't pay too much)
Klingon Bird of Prey Haynes manual
Doctor Who 10th Doctor TARDIS beach towel
break 'em yourself Geodes
10x loose 9mm Cubic Zirconia - they just look really cool and are surprisingly inexpensive for cut man-made stones.
Venture Bros season 4 pt 2 DVD
Black Dynamite blu-ray
indoor RC helicopter
Coby bluetooth soundbar
USB squid hub that can run off AC power as well
light sphere
maze sphere
$25 Olive Garden gift card (traded with my vegetarian family member who got a $25 Panda Express card - nothing at Panda is vegetarian except the white rice, not even the mixed vegetables).
Timothy Zahn - Visions of the Future (but I have to track down a copy of Specter of the Past first).