Sounds like you're getting ready for a hell of a party, Barry!

The Coby soundbar came I think on the 7th, I was out at the pool and saw the UPS guy with a handtruck and a few things on it so I went over and sure enough, there it was. For the sub-$100 price it's got decent sound and apartment-level wattage, but it has a couple really annoying foibles because it's Coby. First, the remote signals are so simple that any other remote will set it off - my TV remote pressing "1" turns off the soundbar, while the cable box remote's fast forward turns up the volume, that sort of thing. Second, and this is really frustrating, the unit powers down to a standby-type state whenever there's half a second of silence, like it's in power-saving mode, and then takes a whole second to come back whenever there's a sound - so pauses in dialogue for drama make a click as it powers down, and then the next line of dialogue is lost as it takes a moment to come back. Still, it does work bluetooth audio from my devices pretty well, and there's simply nothing close to this feature set in the pricepoint.