Hey. My first post! Last night I went to the Wal-Mart (of Course) in Plainfield, right outside of Indy, and found all the preview figs except the Clonetrooper. They had a about 8 of the R3 figure and Zam, but only about 3 of Jango. They were interspersed with the older POTJ figures.
I bought the ones I needed there and rushed to a nearby Walmart in Brownsburg, but they had not put theirs out.
Earlier last night, I talked to an assistant manager at my TRU, and told him about people jumping the street date. He informed me that they could not do so, because their figures were still sitting at a central distrubution point, and they would not receive them until just before the street date. He also made a point of stating that they have strict guidelines at TRU when it comes to manufacturers' street dates, and it is frowned upon if they are broken. He also said they were pushing Corporate TRU to do the Midnight Madness thing again this year, but he still had no confirmation as to whether they would do it or not.