JT started a thread about figures that could be re-released.

Hasbro started to reduce the sizes of new vehicles and are coming out with smaller versions of Slave One and Jedi Starfighters amongst whatever else - trying to get back to a $20 price point I guess.

In business, a position of economies of scale exists when profits at the margin grow increasingly strong.

When Hasbro makes a new mold(s) for vehicles, they have to sell so many units after all costs to pay for the investment before they see profit.

When they can repaint a vehicle like the AT-AT (Hoth and then Endor) or the darn Jedi Starfighter (pink for R2-KT's next?) or even better, just re-release it (Vintage Box BMF) they make almost sheer profit.

There are some vehicles that have not seen re-release for a while though. Maybe these would sell again - or could have for Christmas:

1. Original Falcon (cheaper than the BMF)
2. TIE fighter
3. original X-wing (cheaper, smaller to ship)
4. Landspeeder
5. Y-wing
6. Twin Pod Cloud Car
7. TIE Bomber
8. skiff - or new skiff (though this is good to wait on until 2013 and the 30th for ROTJ)
9. Imperial Shuttle

10. Royal Starship
11. Flash Speeder
12. Anakin's AOTC airspeeder
13. Zam's AOTC airspeeder
14. AT-TE
15. Geonosian Fighter
16. Tri-Droid Fighter
17. General Grievous' Wheelbike
18. Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
19. V-wing Fighter
20. Droid Gunship
21. ARC-170
22. Wookiee Flyer
23. TurboTank
24. Homing Spider Droid Walker

25. CW Jedi Airspeeder
26. Octopara droid