2013 is going to be a crazy year. Here it is the last day of 2012 and I am already looking forward to taking a vacation in 2014!

I have 5 writing conferences, 2 of which are in New York, and I might add a 6th one in Iowa (that's a big conference by the way - in Iowa of all places).

I may be on a winning political campaign and taking a new job downtown at City Hall.

I may be accepted to my Masters program to complete my licensing as a full social worker counselor helping kidney transplant patients.

I have at least 7 Civil War re-enactments and at least one already paying me for acting in an HBO series.

I have at least 2 rock concerts I'm attending (both The VooDoos / Geoff Tate's Queensryche).

There's Comic Con.

I have a new season with my men's baseball team.

The Padres begin a new season with a lot of home games I will try to make, including the New York Yankees in interleague.

If I actually have time, I will watch Football in the 2013 season (Chargers).

I have 14 or more gunfighter stunt shows I'm performing in / acting in.

I may be able to go on a book tour selling and signing my novels (but this will probably be deferred until 2014 even if I am successful - which I will be sooner than later - it just doesn't happen fast.

I have 4 nineteenth century sailing ship battles I am crewing on, teaching tourists how to sail the old ships in the ocean for brief cruises and cannon battles / pirate stunt shows.

I have that mobster movie about 1930's Hollywood that I want to see. Mobster Squad I think?

There will be a new Star Trek movie at last!

Iron Man 3 I think.

I should go to Universal Studios for the Transformers ride and check out Disney's new Star Tours but don't know if I can afford it in light of all these other things.

I want to go to Chicago and take BobaFrett to the Padres visiting the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

The Padres play the Red Sox in Boston on the 4th of July weekend! I hope I can somehow get there!

Right now I think there are zero Star Wars toys (aside from 2 Jocasta Nu figures) and no SideShow Star Wars that I have any plans or interest in buying.

I will try to find some money for some rare Transformers that I want.

I will try to find some money to build up my toy dioramas that I've dreamed of displaying, and at least get a ladder to hang a lot of my spaceships from the ceiling.

The Walking Dead will continue on TV.

Breaking Bad will wrap up.

Hell on Wheels and Copper will return, as will Justified and Archer and another season of Sons of Anarchy.

Clone Wars can only get better.

More news about the next Star Wars movie will start to come out and I will either be really upset if the Expanded Universe is not continued and improved upon, or I will throw a tantrum even if I like the movie 2 years later.

I think I will get into following college sports (baseball, basketball, and football) at my alma matter if there's time.

I will start writing my 3rd novel.

And I'm sure that's only the start of things to come!

I hope I will learn to enjoy the ride instead of just look forward to 2014 when I might schedule myself some sleep!