Based on Aayla showing up on 2 separate "best figures of 2012" lists here, as well as JabbaJohn's "figure of the year" choice, when I found one yesterday at TRU I bought it, and to be honest... I'm not sure I understand why this figure is getting such high marks.

Let me preface by saying this is the first Aayla figure I've bought outside Clone Wars, I don't really have an attachment to the character and think her costume is a tad silly for Star Wars, but that's probably due to coming from the comics.

The claim that this looks just like actress Amy Allen is baffeling to me, there's a huge picture of the character portrayed by Ms Allen on the card and the figure looks nothing like that face. Don't get me wrong, the figure's face is attractive but the figure's eyes are smaller and smokier (Amy Allen's eyes are big and round and inquisitive, they pop out as the character because the rest of the face is colored blue), the nose is narrower, the upper face wider, and the horn/ear things are far too low compared to the actress as the character.

Then there's the skin color, which is simply too dark, and the blue has a bit of a hue difference as well. The deco on the figure is otherwise good, although the lip rouge paint is overboard.

My biggest problem with the figure though is the hips, as soon as I got this figure off the card and out of the robe, the hips were attrocious and got worse when I started using them. The figure is pear-shaped, there's no way around this, the articulation requires too much space (despite her myriad of other joints being very nicely proportioned) so she has thunder thighs at the top and her hips are significantly wider than her shoulders. I can't get past the width of those hips compared to her shoulders, the character is somewhat svelte and this figure loses that entirely. Then, to add insult to injury, the joint requires a sideways hinge that hinges from almost the middle of the thigh, so there's no spread-leg action pose this figure can take that won't look like someone snapped her femur in half - the design of that joint has no understanding of human anatomy, or more likely simply threw out that knowledge to shoehorn the joint onto a body which couldn't support it.

The final issue is her accessories, the lightsaber hilts are too big, and the shoulders on her robe are too wide.

It's not a bad figure, the face is pleasant, the articulation works well except for the hips, the sculpt is generally alright, the paint good, but I don't see it coming close to "top marks" territory and don't understand it. Is the love due to attachment to the character? I have none, so that doesn't affect me with this figure. Is it about being so much better than previous realistic Aayla figures? I've heard they are pretty mediocre, so I didn't bother there either, but as much an improvement as this might be, is that enough of a reason to elevate it to "best of 2012" territory over the quality of its own merits?

Also, I finally found a red-bandana Kithaba and picked it up, it looks way better than the brown version, but overall it doesn't help that figure, it's still too lanky compared to the character.

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Thanks. I appreciate the help but I will just stick with the new screen name. I remember the email address, just not the password for it so even if you sent my login info to it I couldn't retrieve it.
Ah, ok. There ya go then.

As far as TCW goes some of my favorite episodes were Obi-Wan going under cover. Alec Guines's portrayal of Ben seemed more like a mischievious old man while the prequels have him act like a by the book Jedi in TPM, kind of a hypocrite in AOTC and getting more care free by ROTS. I like seeing that character growth. Plo Koon is also a character I have never thought much of but has become a favorite because of the cartoon.
I couldn't agree more than the majority of the time, Obi-Wan's AOTC and TCW personality is very stick in the mud, kind of a Jedi snob, and I find it grating because the problem is clearly the writing. He's constantly nagging and acting superior and humorless, it was good to see him break out of that mold.

As for Transformers the TFP Vehicon was a engineering marvel! I passed on the MP-10 Optimus. There are things I like about it compared to the MP-01 version like the scale and trailer but there were just as many cons (pardon the pun). I am crossing my fingers for a white repaint and different trailer that becomes armor so I can finally have a masterpiece Ultra Magnus. TFP Ultra Magnus is pretty cool but he could use a lot of paint to bring out his sculpted details.
I spotted TFP Ultra Magnus for $13 at TJ Maxx the other day, but kids wanted him so bad that I couldn't help but hand it to them. I have the Cyberverse one anyway.

Sadly Hasbro's big sell for 2011 barely made it to stores with Bruticus. I saw 3 of the Combaticons once and never again. Some online places had the set going for more than $100. I received both the retail and G2 versions for Christmas (minus the retail brawl). I have mixed emotions about Bruticus but have already seen wave 3 hit stores and unless they refresh the Combaticons I have a feeling a lot of folks missed their chance on getting it.
I've been seeing the Combaticons on shelves for the past few months and they sell very fast, so I guess it's working. I hear ya on mixed feelings for Bruticus, I like the Combaticon figures more than the combiner robot, and that's due largely to Onslaught being such a small figure and so compromised. Still, glad to hear you got 'em, I love that G2 set for the silly fun experience where I normally don't get into such things.

My TVC Darth Maul's lightsaber hilt doesn't plug into his belt. The hole is too shallow. I wasn't sure if it was just mine but between the front of his cloak and his arm there doesn't seem to be a lot of room to hang it there anyways.
Mine juuuuust barely plugs into the belt, it's a very shallow peg hole, I think I have a tool that could drill it out a little, I should try that.

I only ever saw shirtless Opress. I never found the armored version which I wanted. I could have picked up the 3-pack I suppose but it just didn't appeal to me as a set.
Same here. I did buy the 3pack partly for armored Savage and partly for the Sith Witch figure. Armored Savage is ok but not as impressive as I was expecting, and he doesn't have his lightsabers which is downright disappointing.

Hm. Both the Nom Anors I have look like blue pupils and I guess I didn't notice if one eye was more black because I chalked it up to poor paint applications. Lol. I guess from reading the books I expected it to look a lot more different than Columbo's glass eye.
It should be at least a different color rather than blue with a black iris. I saw another yesterday, same thing, you could barely tell. Some apparently have an all-black iris area, that would have been better.

I was referring to the Saga Blue and Gold card for Qui-Gon's lightsaber. I know they have gone away from using the removable blades but they still use a lot of the hilts from those and have either made new sculpts or simply molded them as one piece. I figured they could do the same with Qui-Gon's saber. It was slimmer and had the burst effect as is standard on all lightsabers these days.
Ah, yeah. I've been griping for years now about QGJ's crappy saber accessory and Luke ROTJ's crappy saber accessory - with Luke they just gave up and repainted the Obi-Wan prequel accessory instead, which is so annoying to me.

Was I the only one who was able to find the light up Saber Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon? They sculpts are superior to TVC versions and the brightness of the lightsabers you have to see to believe. The articulation isn't what we have come to expect from TVC. The right arm is straight, the left arm has universal elbows as do the knees and the hips and shoulders just go back and forth. No waist, ankle or wrist articulation. Heads are on ball joints and are the best representations of the characters so far imo. The joints are well hidden too except on Kenobi's right arm if you have it bent. I just threw on their Legacy counterparts robes to hide it and the straight right arms. They are also easy to spot on pegs thanks to the big arrows on the bubble pointing to their crotches saying "try me". If you don't have them you're missing out.
I found them once, but the high price and the wide, boxy shoulders turned me off, not to mention the inability to remove the batteries meant that eventually the batteries might leak out the waist joint and render the figure trash. Haven't seen any light-up MH figures since.

From the detail I saw on TVC AOTC Anakin's sabers I am disappointed they don't paint all the sabers so well. Almost every version of TPM Kenobi's saber in few years has been inaccurate. Just that little attention to detail and I would have picked the TVC version up.

I'm surprised the new Bikerscout didn't have a removable helmet or flip up visor since I've seen versions of it that do have that feature. Maybe it's worth another look after all. Would the feet of the new speederbike...

...peg into the slots in the back of the Republic Gunship?
No, they'd be too short, but it wouldn't matter since the new Speederbike doesn't come apart, so there'd be no room for it in the Gunship (the one it works with comes apart at the middle).

Lol. I play BF2 with my kids on splitscreen. Wife gets on my case about going over gigs. Which is why I try using my phone for these posts which is unlimited. So if you can point me in the direction of someone who does unlimited gigs for a mobile hotspot at a reasonable price then you'd be making both of us happy.
Splitscreeen with your kids? That is pretty awesome!

Virgin Mobile has an unlimited mobile broadband prepaid but it's got a huge catch, it's only unlimited while on the Sprint 4g WiMax network (the one they're phasing out), and if you go over 500mb a day or 10gb a month they throttle you to 2mbps (which is actually usable for online gaming, but mobile broadband I suspect has too much latency for online gaming). I currently have the Sprint 4g WiMax on my phone, it has occasional disconnects for no reason, and a very limited service area, but when it's connected at its best it's 10mbps download and 1mbps upload @ 146ms latency which is fair.

Yeah. Because the last couple years have been so rough being a collector I have started to dabble in other areas like Kotobokay....whatevers artfx statues and legos. Pre-ordered my 10 year old the Jaina statue (her favorite character) but it keeps getting pushed back and I am afraid it won't be here by her birthday. I swear that thing was supposed to come out 3rd quarter 2011.
"Kotobukiya", and yeah, I hear ya, they're great pieces when Hasbro disappoints. That's the second time you wrote "2011" when you meant 2012, I think. I'm surprised that Jaina statue got pushed back, it's a pretty straightforward piece, when is your daughter's birthday?

Star Wars Kinect we started the campaign but the sub games for it are more fun. It is a workout. PX90 eat your heart out. The Kinect also refuses to recognize my 4 year old for some reason much to his dismay cause we got him angry birds for it. I'm surprised you don't have an X-Box. Almost everyone I know prefers it to PS3 but me. I got it last tax season so the kids wouldn't wanna play my PS3 all the time. Lol.
What the heck with your 4 year old, have you called Microsoft for help? Maybe his clothes were too baggy or something? The Kinect too high to read his body proportions?

I don't have an xbox for 2 reasons: I won a PS3 back in the day, and I don't want to pay a monthly fee for online access. Plus, the whole red ring of death thing, the awfulness of the original xbox controller turned me off for a long time to the current one (yet I now own 2 of the corded current design for my PC), and just Microsoft in general kinda made me wonder if it was worth it. And there wasn't any exclusive content I really was dying to get, whereas the PS3 exclusive titles like God of War and Uncharted and Motorstorm are all very appealing to me.

Ah. I thought the big Slave-1 was 2011 because I didn't see it hit shelves til the holidays at TRU and then so it on end caps forever spring of 2012. I don't think it ever dropped below $90 on clearance. I was hoping it would. I wouldn't mind AOTC or ESB paint job. I liked it. I just wish it had been cheaper or packed with stuff I would want like a TVC Naboo Fighter. Hopefully it won't be that tiny Yoda Package one I have seen on Rebelscum. I still have my SOTE version to tide me over until we get a decent release.
No, not the awful new Class II Fleet one, they were clearly talking about the big Slave I from the Clone Wars ultimate battle pack you're thinking of - hopefully we get news next month of its release. Like you, I have my SOTE one to tide me over, and I'm starting to think it may stay that way with the way things are getting so expensive and canceled, but I'm still hopeful.

I'm glad to see all the usual suspects here but I am a little surprised there aren't more responses with this thread being up for over a week.
Totally agree!

Oh! Forgot to mention the light up Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon one more time. :-)

The bottom portion of their tunics is soft rubber and removable via tab/peg so they fit into vehicles just fine but the included instruction manual (telling you to push the belt buckle to make them light up. Wtf?) Doesn't show how to replace the batteries.

Again, sorry for all the multiple posts. You mods already do a ton of volunteer work here and I don't mean to make it any harder on you.
Don't worry about the multiple posts, this is fine for now.

The batteries on the Movie Heroes light-up figures are not replaceable, that's why there's no mention of it in the instructions - it says on the front of the card for each in the tiniest lettering "nonreplaceable batteries included", not enough info IMO for the consumer to make an informed choice.