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I've been thinking about this and I don't believe it is color blindness, but possibly my mind trying to outsmart my eyes.

I grew up building and painting plastic model kits and, as most everyone knows, the primary colors for paint are red, blue and yellow. The only way to get brown paint is to mix red, blue and yellow paint together in varying ratios to create all the different shades of brown. If you take the red paint out of brown, then it becomes green and will never get close to brown again unless you put the red paint back in.

With a painted action figure, the brown paint MUST have some red in it, or it wouldn't be brown. So, even if I can't see the red in the brown paint, I know that it has to be in there somewhere. But, I only "see" the red paint by estimating how far that shade of brown paint is from being pure green. The less green it appears the more red must be present.

So, I guess you could say that I "perceive" the red more than "see" the red.
My point was that there's virtually no red in that "brown", I've been saying it's essentially gray this whole time, and the numbers are close to gray as well, so what you're assuming should be there from past experience isn't as much.

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I just saw the 12" hasbro figures... They should have stayed away. No elbow articulation, terrible facial features and modeling, it almost looks like it was made by the companies that make drug store toys.
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Yeah, those definitely have a "Mexican bootleg" quality about them.
These aren't for collectors, they're for kids. This is something parents and kids told us they wanted, we even mentioned it in Q&A, that the kid set wants an affordable 12" figure again, we told Hasbro that a few years ago at Comic-Con and it was something they hadn't thought about before. Personally, I think at $13 these are what they should be, although I do think the blasters and lightsabers should probably be separate accessories rather than molded into hands. Anakin doesn't look great because of the gloppy, shiny flesh paint they used, but the sculpt is recognizable. The Phase 1 Clone Trooper looks pretty decent though for what it is supposed to be.

Also, "mexican bootleg" is a thing of the past, now it's china doing all the worst bootlegging.