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The launchers as well as the shoulders have male and female pegs so when in truck mode it all fits snug together. In Robot mode the pegs can't be reversed or flipped so they look upside down. The sloped/raised area must face down in robot mode. I don't believe mine is an error because every version I have seen is like this.
Oh man, what a stupid mistake they made! This is why you can't let a non-TF team design Transformers.

Mine still have Bespin Security Guards.
WTF? That's a weird one, I don't remember it pegwarming anywhere. It's been a while though.

Weird how they release the figures with collection numbers around it but not that particular figure. I thought there was a law that they had to release what was advertised on the back of the package or something. Like when Wedge was originally released in Vintage but they wanted to re-work the figure so they did a small production run to avoid false advertising then released it in full production the next year or something like that.
Nope, and in fact "false advertising" isn't a real legal thing unless it's "unfair or deceptive" and "deceptive" really means INTENTIONALLY deceptive which this wouldn't cover. Not being able to bring an intended product out isn't intentionally deceptive or unfair. They held back Wedge because the head they sculpted for the Luke body didn't fit correctly, and the initial run when they finally did release it was simply a small revision assortment at a time when retailers weren't refreshing product, so it didn't make a splash initially.