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What's additionally intriguing is that this marks the second year in a row that Hasbro postpones a line. They postponed the GIJoe line last year. That was for a different reason, but I'm sure many people on both sides of the metaphorical toy aisle are upset by this development.
Good point, but actually it's the third year in a row! 2011 they canned the first Transformers Prime line after retailers showed low interest. So it goes:
2011: Transformers Prime v1
2012: GI Joe Retaliation
2013: Star Wars Build a Droid
Meanwhile, a pulsing, throbbing, unselling, massive wall of Amazing Spider-man movie figures from Hasbro rots at every retailer. Hasbro's Marvel division better watch out for 2014 (unless they got a pull in 2010 I don't remember). Seems like Hasbro cannot keep afloat this way.

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I never bothered to look at Vader, either. He'd have to get up in the morning and make my coffee for me to get me to consider a new Vader figure.
And thus you miss out on a very good figure because Hasbro abused you with too many reuses of Vader on old bodies. Yet even with this new one, we still could use another of this quality in ESB/ROTJ getup (and a better ANH head for the one we have, but that's really asking too much I guess). I think putting Vader on the same Vader card was a huge mistake anyway, it looks like the 2010 version that way.

You know how many Artoos we have designed accurately from the movie model? ONE. Just the recent Sail Barge model, that's it, the rest were just winging it, it took that long to actually go and measure things and apply that knowledge to the toys. And now there's a lot of collectors like you who pass it up because they've been burned out by so many previous molds.